How BOXT uses Cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny, temporary files. They automatically download to your phone, tablet or computer when you open a website that uses Cookies.

From there they tell the website which page you're on, which page you've come from and what information you've put in.

Cookies help websites recognise you.

Use our Privacy Preference Centre to see the full list of cookies and opt out of any you don’t want us to use.

We use Cookies:

1. To make BOXT work

We use Cookies to remember what you told us about your old boiler and flue, so we can show you the right boilers for your home.

And when you come to check out, we use them to remember your postcode and address details, so we know where to send your boiler.

Our TrustPilot Cookie helps you access a whole host of BOXT reviews to help you make the most informed decision. Plus, our Live Chat uses a Cookie so we can help if you get stuck.

2. To make the site better

Cookies help us understand how our previous customers used the site.

With this information we can keep making improvements to BOXT. So when you come to use it, BOXT performs better, faster and more smoothly than ever before.

This includes a Hotjar Cookie that helps us understand how you've interacted with each page, so we can optimise the website. If this is something you'd rather us not do, please opt out.

3. To remember you

Cookies also help us remember you - even if you leave the site and come back.

This means you don’t have to answer the Find a boiler questions every time you visit – even if you close the browser window by accident.

They also remind you about BOXT when you're on other sites by showing you ads relating to the products or services you looked at on our site. So you know you can come back without any hassle. These ads are provided by BOXT via Google, Facebook, Bing and Yahoo. If you’d rather not see this type of advertising, please opt out. Once you’ve opted out you may still see our ads, they just won’t be tailored to you.

Additionally, we use a Smarter Click Cookie to remind you of our service and gently nudge you in case you miss out on the installation slot you wanted.

Use our Privacy Preference Centre to see the full list of cookies and opt out of any you don’t want us to use.