Book a Worcester boiler service

How often should a Worcester Bosch boiler be serviced?

All Worcester Bosch boilers should be serviced annually. Usually, your boiler will be serviced around the anniversary of when your boiler was installed. Worcester Bosch boilers as well as any other brand of boiler should be serviced no more than once a year. 

Why is it important to service your Worcester Bosch boiler? 

Servicing your boiler is crucial. It makes sure that everything is working exactly as it should be. Also, an annual boiler service maintains that your boiler runs efficiently and safely. The engineer on the day will double-check there aren't any underlying problems that may become worse over time. 

What does a Worcester Bosch boiler service include? 

  • Ensure the gas pressure and flow are correct
  • Electrical connections are in a good condition
  • Check the condensate pipe
  • Flue inspection
  • Gas and water pipework inspected 
  • Gas Safe certificate

Boiler cover vs a one-off boiler service 

You have the option to decide. Our boiler cover is an excellent way to spread the cost of an annual service over the course of 12 months. Our boiler cover includes an annual service and it’s during a boiler service when problems can be spotted. This one reason why our customers enjoy spreading the cost of the service rather than paying in full. Paying for repairs on top of a service can become quite expensive to pay all at once, too. 

Once you sign up, we deal with everything. We remind you when your service is due and then provide you with dates that fit around your busy schedule. It couldn’t be more straightforward. Sign up today and take the easy route. 

How much does a Worcester Bosch boiler service cost? 

    We have two boiler cover plans for you to choose from: Standard and Protect+. All of our boiler cover plans come with an annual service and Gas Safe certificate. The Protect+ plan goes even further. It gives you the chance to cover your boiler as well as your wider heating system. This includes repairs and replacements of, your flue, boiler controls, thermostat, and pipework. 

    Benefits of a Worcester Bosch boiler service

    Getting your Worcester Bosch boiler serviced annually means that your warranty will stay up to date. A warranty entitles you to a repair when your hot water and heating stops working, so it’s crucial that you get your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

    The whole point of an annual service is to make sure that your boiler is working efficiently and safely. It’s during a service that the engineer will notice any problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler before they start to worsen. An annual service is perfect for keeping your boiler in good working condition. The engineer will visually inspect your boiler and gas appliances, checking the components and ventilation of your boiler. It should take no longer than thirty minutes but will do a whole world of good. 


    What is the lifespan of a Worcester Bosch boiler?

    The average lifespan of a Worcester Bosch boiler is between 10-15 years old. Usually, it’s around this time when you start noticing problems. You may choose to repair rather than purchase a brand new one which is fair enough. But it’s around this age when a repair is only a temporary fix as the same problems may start happening again. Once you sign up for our boiler cover plan, we’ll take care of any repair you need us to sort out for you. 

    Why is my Worcester boiler not firing up? 

    When your boiler isn’t firing up properly it can get quite frustrating. There could be many reasons why your boiler’s behaving this way. Sometimes it could just be that your thermostat is turned down too low. Other times it could be fault code which may need a simple restart to get everything up and running again. To restart your Worcester Bosch boiler simply press and hold the ‘restart’ button.

    If you’re experiencing any problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler, be sure to give us a call on 0800 193 7777. Our in house engineers are happy to answer any questions you may have. Or why not drop us a message on our Live Chat? Here you’ll get instant advice and a friendly chit chat from our boiler specialists.