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31 Jan : Updated 25 Mar ● 5 min read

Does your boiler need an annual service? BOXT are here to help

Just like your car needs a service or MOT, boilers also require regular maintenance to ensure everything is running how it should be. Boiler servicing is one of those things that can be easily overlooked but is key to picking up on any potential issues before they escalate into what could be an expensive problem.

Not only that, but as boilers age their performance and efficiency levels will generally decrease over the years, but by having your boiler serviced regularly and replacing worn out parts it will stay more efficient for longer and have a greater overall lifespan, meaning you can go longer without having to buy a whole new boiler.

Should my boiler be serviced every year? 

We often get asked “should my boiler be serviced every 12 months?” and our advice is that you should stick to arranging an annual boiler service to stay on top of any potential issues as well as making sure you meet the terms of your warranty. It’s worth checking with your boiler manufacturer exactly what your warranty terms are, but generally your first boiler service should take place 12 months after installation in order to meet the terms of your warranty and then be serviced every year on an ongoing basis after this. 

A BOXT top tip is to book your boiler service in the summer months as there is generally greater engineer availability and it’s better to have your boiler checked ahead of the colder months when you will need it to be running efficiently. 

Is it a legal requirement to service a boiler?

A frequently asked question about boiler servicing is whether it’s a legal requirement. Legal requirements vary depending on who you are and how the boiler is being used as it will differ from a homeowner or tenant to a landlord. 


As a homeowner boiler servicing is not a legal requirement, however it’s worth noting that it is required to ensure the validity of your boiler warranty. 


As a landlord you are legally required to conduct an annual landlord safety check on all gas appliances and the flues, it is also best practice to have your boiler serviced at the same time. The annual gas safety check must be conducted by a registered engineer and you must keep copies of these checks. The copies must be supplied to tenants at the beginning of each tenancy and copies of the service record must be kept for at least two years. 


As a tenant you don’t have any obligation to service the boiler in your rented accommodation, this responsibility lies with the landlord. 

Do annual services affect my warranty?

Annual boiler services are very important when it comes to your boiler warranty, as if you don’t get your boiler serviced every 12 months it could mean you’re invalidating any warranty you have. 

A common question we get asked is “My annual service was due a couple weeks ago, will my warranty remain valid?” If you have missed your annual service due date, don't worry your warranty will remain valid. Manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch are being lenient because of the pandemic. But you should try and get your service completed as soon as possible. 

What to expect from an annual service

The service itself usually lasts no more than an hour. Although it doesn’t take very long, it’s an essential part of ensuring your boiler continues running properly.

When an engineer carries out a boiler service, they will firstly remove its casing to look at each component. They’re trained to notice anything out of the ordinary and will pay close attention to any possible damage from corrosion and weak points. They will then check a number of things to ensure they are working as they should be and for wear and tear, including:

  • Water and gas pipes
  • Seals
  • Safety devices
  • Electrical connections
  • Gas pressure and flow
  • Flue test
  • Fans and other essential components of the system

The engineer will then give your boiler a clean where needed and return the casing. You’ll be presented with a boiler service report, detailing what has been done alongside any recommendations for future maintenance. Your service should always be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered professional. 

Annual boiler service plans by BOXT

We know that it can be a pain remembering your annual service each year and arranging for an engineer to come out. That’s why when you choose our BOXT service plan, you’ll no longer need to worry about remembering your boiler service due date, finding an engineer, and paying the full cost all at once. Instead, our plan spreads the cost of your annual service over a 12 month contract at £8.99 a month, and we arrange everything for you. 

As soon as you’ve signed up, you don’t need to do anything else. We contact you around one month before the anniversary of your installation to provide you with some dates that are best for you. It’s as easy as that. 

Never miss a service

Never miss a service

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