Baxi Boilers

Experience the brilliance of Baxi boilers, today. Innovative, reliable, and renowned for their consistency, Baxi have been continuously crafting boilers to the highest quality since 1866. When it comes to home heating, Baxi have some of the best boilers, providing customers with not only boilers that are everlasting but also precise. This is because Baxi are dedicated to using some of the finest brass components available in the UK. It’s the ultimate boiler at a reasonable price. 

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  • Gas Safe installation.
  • 7 Year Warranty.
  • Free magnetic filter.
  • MagnaCleanse system flush.
  • Next day boiler installation. Subject to availability

Who are Baxi?

Excellent efficiency.

Baxi are a brand that strives to bring value and efficiency in all that they do, and their range of Baxi combi boilers don’t disappoint. From their very first boiler models to their technologically advanced models today, the brand keeps a ‘pride, passion and positivity’ approach to keep their customers happy. 

From their value for money to their energy efficiency, you can be confident a Baxi boiler is a great choice for home heating. Baxi boiler prices will vary depending on your requirements, so it’s best to talk to us if you’re unsure of what you need.

‘A’ rated for efficiency, Baxi boilers are money saving machines. Baxi boilers use most of their energy on heating up your home and little on running itself, which means you save money at the end of every month when your bills come in. Working at around 90% efficiency, Baxi are experts in making sure no energy is wasted - home heating, how it should be. 

A highly trusted boiler. 

One of the many benefits of Baxi is reliability. Consistently producing sound and dependable boilers that are affordable for all families - it’s what makes them such a boiler choice with customers. Always having the customer’s interest at heart, Baxi know the importance of keeping a home warm which is why they have such a wide range of classic boilers. 

Award winning customer service. 

Approved by Which? Trusted Traders, Baxi are proven to be one of the most popular boiler manufacturers in the UK. There, when you need them the most, Baxi offers support for the lifetime of your boiler. Baxi has a team of dedicated professionals who work hard to be there to answer any questions you may have about anything boiler related. You can contact Baxi at any time and they’ll provide you with all of the support you need. 


Baxi 630 Combi 30kW

  • Max. Domestic Hot Water Output: 30kW
  • Max. Central Heating Output: 20kW
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
  • Top Flue Outlet
  • 7 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee
  • LCD Display
  • OpenTherm Interface
  • Compatible with Baxi uSense

Find your perfect boiler:

A warranty you can rely on. 

Life with a Baxi is complete peace of mind. All Baxi boilers come with a secure 7 year warranty, which means you’ll have the ultimate protection package for your boiler. Built to last, the Baxi 630 Combi 30kW has the endurance to keep your home warm no matter what the weather may be. Once fitted, the Baxi 630 Combi 30kW becomes the heart of your home, effortlessly working to the high standards Baxi has reached.  

Perfect dimensions. 

Compact in size, powerful in performance. Baxi has redefined the old idea of what a boiler is like, ‘oversized’, ‘industrial’. Instead, they’ve created a classic combi boiler: the Baxi 630 Combi 30kW. It fits perfectly in a cupboard, on a wall, or wherever you’d like - it’s quiet nature and condensed dimensions means this is Baxi’s most versatile boiler, yet. 

Get hot water and heating, fast. 

The Baxi 630 Combi boiler 30kW is a combi boiler which means it produces hot water in an instant. By using some of the most cutting edge technology, Baxi have exceeded in forming combi that is like no other. It’s 30kW punch makes it outstanding for most sized houses. The Baxi 630 Combi boiler 30kW are one of the most favoured boilers in the UK and that’s due to its simplicity to maintain and effectiveness. 

Compatible with Baxi uSense. 

Over the decades, Baxi has been one of the leading pioneers of smart thermostat technology. Compatible with the Baxi 630 Combi 30kW, the Baxi uSense is the smart room thermostat that allows you to control your heating directly from your mobile device. You’ll have full control over your heating system as you can higher or lower to your desired temperature and turn it off or on even when you’re not at home. Convenient, straightforward, and slick - it’s the future of home heating. 

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