Book a Baxi boiler service

Why book an annual Baxi boiler service? 

Booking in a boiler service can be quite inconvenient for many. A quick procedure which is just another payment that needs to be made. Despite this, there are countless benefits of having your boiler serviced annually. 

  • Keeps you and your family safe. During the service, the engineer visually inspects your baxi boiler and gas appliances, to double check everything is working efficiently, safely, and that meets regulatory requirements. 
  • Longer life expectancy. Getting your boiler serviced is similar to an MOT for your car. The engineer is there to check whether or not your boiler will run smoothly for the next year. They spot the smallest of problems before they turn into something serious, saving you money and adding years to your boiler’s life. 
  • Validates your boiler warranty. Servicing your boiler makes sure your boiler’s manufacturer warranty is kept up to date and valid. That means should your hot water or heating stop working, you’re entitled to a free call out as you’ll be fully covered. 

What does a Baxi boiler service include? 

During the annual boiler service, the engineer will do the following:

  • Ensure gas pressure and flow are correct
  • Electrical connections are in good condition
  • Check the condensate pipe
  • Inspect the flue
  • Gas and water pipework 
  • Give you a Gas Safe certificate

It should take no longer than thirty minutes but will do a whole world of good for you and your boiler. 

BOXT Baxi boiler cover

We have two boiler cover plans for you to choose from: Service and Protect+ plan. Both of them come with an annual boiler service and Gas Safe certificate, although differ slightly. Our Protect+ plan gives you even more protection. By signing up, you’ll have all the above including boiler repairs and replacements of any of the following: flue, pipework, boiler controls, thermostat, and radiators. 

Book a Baxi boiler service today

If you’re interested in an annual boiler service then all you need to do is up to one of our boiler cover plans: Service or Protect+. Both of our service plans come with an annual service and Gas Safe certificate. 

Our Protect+ plan gives you that extra bit of protection. On top of everything else you also get cover for your wider heating system. This includes repairs to your: flue, thermostat, boiler controls, and pipework.


How often should you have your Baxi boiler serviced? 

You should have your boiler serviced once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This is to make sure that your boiler is safe and working correctly. It also keeps your boiler warranty valid. 

How do you service a Baxi boiler?

A Gas Safe registered engineer will visually check your boiler and gas appliances. If you’d like an annual service, then you’ll have to sign up for one of our boiler cover plans. Choose from Service or Protect+.