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Why is your thermostat not working? Common causes & how to solve them


Thermostats make life at home much more comfortable. You get to decide exactly what temperature you’d like at any time. Convenient and easy to use, they’re great when they’re working. But when they’re not working, it can cause all sorts of issues.

Here are some of the most common problems that you may encounter with your thermostat. This guide should give you the ideal action plan for when your thermostat decides to ruin your life. 

Change the batteries.

Although this is a little obvious, a dead battery is a dead thermostat. Wireless thermostats are battery-powered, so it might be worth keeping a spare pack of batteries in a drawer somewhere. Batteries should last for quite some time so I wouldn’t worry about this being a frequent occurrence. 

Moreover, if your thermostat is being a bit slow or you’ve spotted something that isn’t quite right, try replacing the batteries and see if that improves your thermostat’s performance. 


Thermostat reading the wrong temperature.

Another common thermostat burden is when you notice your living room is colder than what the thermostat is reading. This inconvenience can be caused by a few things, but primarily it could be that the temperature sensor within the thermostat is faulty and may need to be replaced. It could also mean that dust has somehow reached to the temperature sensor in which cause it would need a quick clean. 

Temperature swings.

One minute boiling, the next minute you’re freezing cold. Temperature swings can become very stressful as it not only makes home life uncomfortable but is also wasted energy. This can be especially costly when your heating bills come in at the end of the month. 

Thermostats can be quite fiddly sometimes, particularly if you’ve just had one installed as it may take some time to get your head around. Have a quick look at the thermostat’s settings. You may have accidentally set a schedule for a certain temperature. 

If all else fails...

Try a quick reset.

Again, all thermostats are different and have their own unique way of being reset depending on what brand or type you’re using. Although it may sound like the obvious thing to do, turning your thermostat on and off again may just do the trick. 

Google Nest Learning Thermostats are super easy to reset. Simply press and hold the ring at the centre for ten seconds and then release. The smart thermostat should then go to a dark screen and reset itself. If the problem continues to be a nuisance then try calling Google Nest support on, 808 169 2307.

If you have a standard thermostat, it may be as easy as finding the ‘reset’ button and giving that press - like with the ESi Wireless Room Thermostat. Simply press and hold the ‘reset’ button for three seconds then release - that should do the trick. 


BOXT is here to help. 

Thermostat problems don’t have to be so complicated. Everyone here at BOXT likes to keep everything nice and simple. For expert help and guidance give our specialists a call on, 0800 193 7777. Alternatively, drop us a message on our Live Chat and our in house engineer will get back to you in no time. Get the right help from the right boiler people.

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