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31 Jan : Updated 8 Nov ● 2 min read

Is your radiator cold at the bottom? Here's how to fix

1. Switch off your heating.
2. Lay sheets underneath the radiator.
3. Turn off any valves.
4. Bleed & drain the radiator.
5. Switch heating back on.
6. See results.
Have you noticed that one or more of your radiators are cold at the bottom? This is often the result of a blockage or a build-up of sludge. Blockages can lead to leaks and further headaches, so it’s best to try and get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Luckily, it’s nice and easy so you might be able to fix it yourself.  

How do I know my radiator isn’t working?

All you have to do is make sure your heating is switched on and at a reasonable temperature on the thermostat, but not too high. If you have thermostat radiator valves make sure you twist them on. Then have a feel around all the radiators in your home. Check for any cold spots near the top and bottom.

You’ll also notice when your radiators aren’t working as a room in your home will be unusually cold - even when your thermostat is high. 

Here’s how you fix it:

1). Switch off your heating.

Radiators can get quite hot, so make sure that your heating is fully switched off. 

2). Lay sheets underneath the radiator.

Lay down some sort of sheet you don’t mind getting a bit wet or ruined. This is to protect your carpet or flooring just in case water starts to leak. If water does leak a little bit, don’t panic it’s completely normal. 

3). Turn off any valves.

Make sure that all the radiator valves are tightly closed.

4). Bleed & drain the radiator.

Simply watch this video on how to bleed your radiator:


5). Switch heating back on.

Once you’ve bled your radiator, you can then turn the central heating back on from the boiler. 

6). See the results.

Now, your radiators should be working as normal without any cold spots. Double-check by having a feel around your radiators. 

7). Still having issues?

If your radiators are still cold at the bottom then it may be time to get professional help. Give us a call on, 0800 193 7777 and speak directly to one of our senior engineers. Happy to offer any advice and share their boiler expertise.

Alternatively, why not drop us a message on our Live Chat? You’ll get an instant response from our engineers who’ll help you through any boiler problem. 

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