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How to reset a boiler

The wonderful world of boilers. These domestic workhorses are the household's unsung heroes, especially during the winter months.

When it comes to your heating system, it pays to know your way around it. This way, if any issues arise, you'll have a better idea of how to tackle them and get your home running as it should once again.

A handy tip in boiler maintenance is knowing how to reset your boiler. Below, we'll go through some of the most common models on the market today and how to reset them when the need presents itself.

Safety precautions

Resetting a boiler using the controls is not classed as working on the boiler, so homeowners can safely do this. Any more in-depth work must be performed by a qualified, Gas Safe registered engineer. If a problem persists after resetting the boiler, you should contact a Gas Safe engineer, as there might be an underlying issue that resetting alone won’t resolve.

Signs your boiler might need to be reset

It’s important only to reset your boiler when something is actually wrong, which means it’s important to be able to recognise the telltale signs of an internal issue somewhere in the system.

Here are some of the most common symptoms to look out for as a signal to reset your boiler.

  • No heating or hot water: If your boiler isn't performing as it should, it may benefit from a reset.
  • Error codes: Fault or error codes are a great way to identify an issue with your boiler. If you check your boiler's manufacturer's notes, it may suggest resetting the boiler to tackle an error code.
  • Thermostat malfunction: The boiler thermostat can sometimes stop working in sync with the system. Resetting the boiler can help get things working as they should.
  • A power cut: If your home has suffered a power outage, there's a good chance your boiler will need to be reset, as it could have forced a boiler lockout.

Whilst these symptoms can often be remedied with a simple reset, it is crucial that you do not carry out any work on your boiler. Get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer if any issues with your boiler persist so they can investigate further and resolve any issues you still have. 

How to reset a Baxi boiler

Baxi boilers tend to be able to be reset in three different ways, depending on their design. These are as follows.
Resetting a Baxi boiler with a reset button
In this scenario, press the reset button and hold until you can hear the boiler resetting.

Resetting a Baxi boiler with a thermostat control knob

Turn the thermostat control knob anticlockwise. Hold until the red lockout light turns off, and then turn back to your desired setting.

Resetting a Baxi boiler with an ON/OFF/SELECTOR switch

Here, you must open the pull down panel to show the full control panel.

To reset the boiler, you need to turn the selector switch to the R (Reset) position, hold for at least 5 seconds, and release.

Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information on resetting Baxi boilers.

How to reset an Ideal boiler

With Ideal boilers, most of the reset buttons can be found beneath the display screen. For boilers with a digital display, you will likely find the reset option in the "settings" section of the menu. You can find exactly where the reset button is if you take a look at the manufacturers' notes.

Below are some of the top models from Ideal's range and how to reset them.

Resetting Ideal Espirit Eco 2 boilers

To reset this boiler, press the select and arrow up button for 2 seconds at the same time.

Resetting Ideal Logic boilers

Press the reset button on the front of the boiler. It will then repeat its ignition sequence.

Resetting Ideal Logic + boilers

The reset button is below the digital display. Press it once.

Resetting Ideal Vogue Max boilers

Press the reset button underneath the digital display.

Read our blog on resetting your Ideal boiler or visit Ideal’s website for more information.

How to reset a Navien boiler

With Navien boilers, the reset button is often located on the front panel, near the control display screen. Below are some of the top models in their range and specifics on how to reset them.

Resetting Navien NCB300 boilers

Resetting this boiler is as simple as pressing the power button. Failing this, consult the manufacturer's notes.

Resetting Navien LCB700, NCB700, & NCB500 boilers

Press the back button to reset the LCB700, NCB500 and NCB700 boilers. If the boiler does not restart, look at the manufacturer's notes.

Resetting Navien NCB-24LDWE boilers

To reset this model, press the reset button on the boiler's front panel.

We have a dedicated blog for resetting Navien boilers, so be sure to read on for more information on the topic. To learn more about resetting other Navien models, you can check Navien’s boiler page directly.

How to reset a Vaillant boiler

The boiler reset button on most Vaillant models is located on the boiler's display and will show an icon of a flame with a line crossed through it.

To reset a Vaillant boiler, you need to hold this button down for three seconds. You will know it has worked as the display screen will change, and you will hear the boiler reset.

While this is the case for most Vaillant boilers, it always makes sense to check your user manual or the Vaillant website if you are unsure.

How to reset a Worcester Bosch boiler

If your Worcester Bosch boiler has stopped working properly or the blue light on the front of the system is flashing, it may be worth trying a reset.

There are some subtle variations in methods from model to model, so we'll outline the steps for the most common Worcester Bosch boilers below.

Resetting Worcester 4000 boilers

On the digital display, scroll using the up and down keys until you see the word "reset". Press that, and the boiler should restart at its current temperature.

Resetting Worcester Greenstar Si, i & CDi Compact Boilers

Press the reset button. A tick should briefly appear.

Resetting Worcester Greenstar CDi Boilers

Hold the reset button for three seconds.

The blue light flashing will stop at the reset button and fault indicator. If the reset is successful, the boiler will start again. If not, an alert code will display, in which case you should get in touch with a qualified engineer.

Resetting Worcester Greenstar Ri boilers

If there is a fault, the blue mains light will flash.

To reset, turn the central heating temperature knob clockwise until it reaches the “RESET” position. Hold the button down for 5 seconds and then return to the original temperature setting.

The boiler should reset.

If the boiler you’re looking for isn’t on this page, take a look at Worcester Bosch’s manual and brochures page for further information.

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