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28 Apr : Updated 18 Apr ● 4 min read

How to set the timer on a Baxi boiler: A step by step guide

If you want to know how to set the timer on a Baxi boiler, you've come to the right place. We'll keep it simple but thorough and ensure you understand all the features of your boiler controls. We might even be able to help you save money through setting changes.

Setting your mechanical boiler timer

Step 1: Choosing the right setting

A mechanical timer works on a 24-hour system, surrounded by white tappets, each representing 15 minutes. There will also be a switch that you can set to three different positions:

  • If you push the switch to the top, it will constantly keep your central heating system on. However, this isn't a very energy-efficient choice.
  • If you push it to the centre, your boiler will work according to the tappet positions. These mechanical timers are a great way to reduce your heating bills.
  • If you push the switch to the bottom, your central heating will remain off.

Step 2: Setting the time

Setting boilers to the correct time is crucial if you want them to work correctly. Turn the outer time clockwise, then align the pointer to the closest 15-minutes. Don't attempt to turn it counterclockwise.

Step 3: Setting the tappets correctly

Finally, flick the tappets out that represent when you want the boiler on, with the others in when you want it off.

Turn on your boiler at least half an hour before you'll need heating, as it often takes a while to heat up properly.

Understanding your 7-day electronic boiler timer

Digital boiler timers can seem more complex than mechanical timers, but there’s no need to worry. In the following section, we’ve broken it down so you can understand all the functions of your Baxi boiler.

If you need help understanding how to set the timer on your Baxi boiler, it’s a good idea to read your user manual as well.

Step 1: Understanding how to navigate

It's important to know that when setting the programmer of your boiler timer, the value or symbol that flashes is the present option that is being selected or edited. You use the +/- buttons for every adjustment or to get to any selection. When you're happy with your change or choice, press OK.

Step 2: Reset the timer

Digital timers allow users to reset the programming by pressing the reset button. It's best to do this before using it for the first time.

Step 3: Setting the time & day

First, set your time and day by selecting the minute, hour and day using the +/- buttons and pressing OK. You can use these same buttons to change between AM/PM and 24-hour display settings.

Step 4: Use pre-set timing or make your own

There are three different pre-set choices:

  • The boiler runs from Monday to Sunday, turning on at 06:00 and switching off every night at 22:00.
  • The boiler runs from Monday to Sunday but turns on at 07:00, off at 12:00, on again at 14:00, and then finally stays off at 20:00.
  • Finally, you could opt for it to run again from Monday to Sunday, but this time it turns on at 07:00, off at 12:00 and on at 14:00, like option 2. However, it turns off at 18:00, on at 20:00, and then finally turns off for the night at 22:00.

Your choice will depend on the times that suit you best and where you feel you can best save energy. If you want to set your own time, press the + button until you're past P 03 and P -- is displayed. At that point, press OK.

Prog 01 will be displayed. From there, you'll be able to set your custom ON times. Then you'll be able to use the +/- keys to select the applicable days, with one representing Monday, etc. Once you've selected it, the boiler stores it in the timer's memory.

Next, you'll have to set the OFF time similarly. Press MENU when you're ready to go back to normal mode.

Step 5: Exploring additional features

Take note of these features when programming your digital timer:

  • To change the clock from summer to winter, use a pencil or pointed object to press the +1hr button. Remove an hour for winter and add one for summer.
  • To override the program and turn it from ON to OFF, or vice versa, press the + key while in normal mode. A symbol will be displayed in this mode.
  • To change existing choices, press MENU and OK four times. Use +/- to scroll through the options.

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