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Boilers for landlords and rental properties

A landlord’s job is an important one. Alongside all of your daily tasks, you’ll also have to ensure all appliances in your properties are safe and always working as they should - such as your boiler. A boiler makes a home. It’s an important piece of equipment that should be under regular supervision. 

As a landlord, you’re legally responsible for any boiler repairs, including any faults with your heating, hot water, pipes, and ventilation. This guide will explain all you need to know about boilers for landlords and what you need to know to keep on the right side of the law.

Free boilers for landlords. 

Rental properties could get a highly efficient, brand new gas boiler if the tenants of a property meet certain criteria, under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme. The government ECO Scheme can help those families on low income and those who are receiving benefits to reduce energy bills. If these families fit the below criteria, they could get a free grant towards a new energy efficient boiler:

  • You’ll need to receive some sort of benefit, such as Child Tax Credit or Income Support. You may also need to have a certain amount of household income. 
  • If the current boiler is broken, you can apply for a boiler grant to go towards the installation of a brand new A rated boiler by a Gas Safe engineer. 

You also need to live in England, Scotland, or Wales to be eligible for the ECO boiler scheme. 

The best boiler for a rental property. 

Chances are, your tenants will ask about your boiler. The more information you can give them, the better. To make sure everyone is happy, it’s always worth looking into which boiler would be the best for your rental property. Here are some of our favourites from manufacturers we’re proud to be associated with:

  • Worcester Bosch - one of our most recommended and most popular boiler brands. With over 50 years of manufacturing experience and technology development, Worcester Bosch boilers are some of the most energy efficient models around.
  • Ideal - as another leading domestic boiler manufacturer, Ideal have combined upgraded technology with efficiency to create boilers you can trust. The perfect model and size is just waiting for you in our Ideal range. 

Top boiler tips for landlords.

As boiler maintenance for landlords is an important task, it’s good to know a few things about what is expected of you, as well as how to make sure your boiler is working efficiently. 

Do landlords have to service boilers?

Yes - boilers should be serviced every year to ensure they’re in great working condition. A regular boiler service for the boilers in your properties can help to identify any potential issues with a system and its components. It’s important for anyone to keep their boiler serviced, but for a landlord, it’s a legal requirement. 

By purchasing a boiler from BOXT, we’ll give you a great length of warranty too. To keep your warranty valid, you’ll need to organise an annual boiler service to keep things running smoothly. By taking all the necessary precautions, you can be confident your system will last longer and be less likely to breakdown.

Bleed your radiators.

It’s important to bleed your radiators to ensure they always heat up your rooms as they should. If they have air in them, then it will need removing. See our guide on how to bleed a radiator to make sure you do this correctly. If you continue to run into any further problems, then a member of our team will be able to give you advice via our live chat. 

Keep your tenants in the know.

As your tenants will be using your boiler and the system regularly, then it only makes sense to keep them updated and to clearly explain how it works. They should know how to spot anything out of the ordinary and to report anything that isn’t right. Tenants should know how to alter their boiler pressure and how to use their heating correctly.

Stress free boilers for landlords, from BOXT.

At BOXT, we’re known for our fast, reliable boiler installation service. If you’re looking for stress free boilers for landlords, we can help. Choose the perfect boiler for your tenants by using our Find A Boiler tool - answer some questions about the set up of your property and any specific requirements, and we’ll give you a list of our most recommended boilers.

Landlord home cover plans. 

BOXT can also provide any of your properties with an annual service. All you have to do is sign up to one of our landlord home cover service plans, starting from just £11.99 per month. They're a great way to spread the cost of an annual service of the year, rather than paying in full all at once. 

Our Landlord service plan includes an annual service, a gas cooker and oven inspection, and the Landlord Gas Safety certificate. Once you're signed up, you don't need to do anything else. We'll contact you around one month before the anniversary of your installation to provide you with some dates that's best for you.

If you need help with your decision or you have any questions about the process of getting boilers for landlords and rental properties, then get in touch with us today by using our web chat. 

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