Boiler warranty guarantee

When purchasing a replacement boiler, you need peace of mind that it isn’t going to let you down when you need it most or when you least expect it to. If something goes wrong, it’s good to know that you’re covered and that you can get an engineer out to fix the problem as soon as possible without leaving you out of pocket.

At BOXT, we take boiler warranty seriously. Depending on the brand of boiler you choose, there will be a different warranty period for each, as per the manufacturer’s terms:

Keep your boiler warranty valid.

Whichever boiler you choose from our range to be installed in your home, you’ll need to keep up with servicing your boiler for your warranty to be valid. For example, if you haven’t had a boiler service each year and something goes wrong with your system, then your warranty won’t be valid.

It’s important to always get a boiler service check by a Gas Safe Registered engineer every year to keep boiler problems to a minimum. If you don’t, there is more chance of something going wrong or your system performing ineffectively, resulting in higher energy bills.

Our partners of boiler manufacturers all have different conditions to adhere to to ensure a boiler is still under warranty. Boiler warranty may only cover specifics, such as repairs, labour and callouts, or a combination of a few, so you should check how you are covered and if any additional cover is needed.

The right warranty for you.

The right warranty can vary depending on the brand and model of boiler you choose. Our premium Worcester Bosch boiler models come with a standard 10-year warranty, for example, but depending on your requirements, you may need a simpler model.

With every BOXT boiler, we’ll even install a filter free of charge. This filter will also be covered under our warranty.

If you don’t choose a premium boiler model but you’d prefer to have an extended warranty, you can choose to pay a little extra to ensure you get the cover you need. If you’re not sure about the amount of cover you need, or the type of new boiler best suited to you, you can speak to a member of the BOXT team on our web chat to discuss your options.

Get your BOXT boiler warranty with every installation.

By choosing BOXT and our warranty cover on your new boiler, you can be confident that you’re in the best hands. Your warranty from BOXT covers the boiler, flue and any attachments that we have installed in your home. What’s even better is that your boiler installation is carried out by us, we’ll register your warranty for you, so you don’t need to do a thing - you’ll be covered straight away.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Use our live chat to speak to a BOXT professional.