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Air Con Units for Bedrooms: Which is the Best Option?


Brits are known for complaining about the weather, especially when the temperature surges, but most UK homes simply aren’t prepared to cope with the heat, making it extremely uncomfortable to withstand.

The summer weather is often most unmanageable at night when it’s too hot to rest under a quilt and relax. The heat also prevents your body from producing melatonin, the hormone which drops your core body temperature to help regulate your natural sleep cycle.

Even opening the windows may not help, as sometimes there’s not enough of a breeze outside to cool you down, and you instead welcome in a family of insects and get woken up by loud noises through the night. Many turn to fans to solve their restless nights but these devices will often just move the hot air around the room and cause too much noise to sleep through.

If you want a permanent and effective solution to these poor night sleeps, invest in an air conditioning unit and never look back. In this guide, BOXT discusses what features to look for in an AC system for your bedroom.

Air Conditioning Types

Portable air conditioners are easy to transport and ideal for occasional use or renters but aren’t as effective at cooling as other types.

Central air conditioners involve installing a duct throughout the existing walls and an outdoor compressor. These units can efficiently cool your entire house, including your bedroom, but require a bigger upfront investment.

If you only want to cool down your bedroom, a split system may be the most suitable option. It entails a professional installing one unit inside the property and another component on the outside. These units are more expensive than portable systems but less than central air conditioners and operate efficiently.

Multi-split air conditioners have multiple indoor units for cooling down different rooms. You can adjust the settings to only cool down the room you’re using without unnecessarily cooling down the entire house.

When getting the units installed, don’t fit them directly over where your head will lie, as this can cause scratchy throats and an uncomfortably cold atmosphere. Instead, install it on the wall on either side of the bed. 

Air conditioner size

Most bedrooms are small or medium-sized, making a small air conditioner most suitable, but calculate the square footage to find the required BTU (British Thermal Unit). For most bedrooms, a unit with 5,000 to 8,000 BTU is suitable. 

Most suitable air conditioners for bedrooms

When choosing an air conditioning unit for your bedroom, look for features that will support your sleep, not disrupt it. You may also want to consider the style of the system to ensure it won’t ruin the room’s decor. 


Samsung CEBU, 2.5kw

This sized unit is ideal for medium bedrooms, as it’ll effectively achieve a cool temperature without wasting energy.

If you want to change the settings or turn it off at night control it using the SmartThings app, so you don’t have to get up from your bed.

The good sleep mode automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity through the night to maintain the optimal body temperature and maximise your sleep. It begins by dropping the temperature for the first hour to help you fall asleep and then raises it by one to two degrees to help you sleep deeply. Finally, the temperature increases again to gently wake you up feeling refreshed. 


Bosch Climate 3000i, 2.6kw 

This unit is suitable for cooling down small-sized bedrooms efficiently.

You can manage the settings using the remote control. If you don’t want to keep the system turned on all night, set a timer so that it helps you drift off and then automatically turns off after the appointed running time.

It also has a super quiet mode to prevent it from waking you up in the middle of the night. 


Samsung Comfort Wind-Free, 2.5kw 

This sized system is suitable for cooling down a single room, such as a bedroom.

Not only can you manage the settings of this unit through an app, but you can also use voice control for ultimate convenience.

The Wind-Free™ Good Sleep mode creates the perfect climate for sleeping with a controlled temperature. It evenly and softly circulates air through 23,000 micro air holes to create a ‘still air’ environment and avoid unpleasant cold draughts.

Placing air conditioning in your bedroom will dramatically improve the quality of your sleep through summer, and you’ll wonder how you managed without it. However, ensure you buy a suitable unit for the room and won’t cause too much noise or sudden temperature changes that could interrupt your sleep.


Daikin Comfora, 3.5kw

This unit is ideal for creating a comfortable home climate year-round in a medium-sized bedroom.

The extremely quiet operation will ensure your sleep isn’t disrupted by the noise volume. With the remote control, you can manage the settings without having to get up too.

As the design is wall-mounted, the air conditioner blends discreetly with the room’s aesthetic.

Need an air conditioner for your bedroom? 

If you need help cooling down your bedroom but don’t know which air conditioner would suit your bedroom, seek advice from a BOXT engineer using the live chat. You can also use the ‘find an AC’ online tool, asking you a few simple questions about your property and recommending units based on your answers.

After choosing an air conditioning system, select an installation date from a wide range available, including the next day if you complete the order before 3.30pm. The installer can advise on the unit’s placement too.

Get a fixed price quote for an air conditioner today to keep the heat from ruining another night of sleep

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