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How to Install Air Conditioning


The summer months can be unbearable if we aren’t equipped, meaning that more and more households are opting for home air conditioning systems to create a more comfortable living environment. Cooling your home isn’t the only benefit installing air conditioning has; it’s also perfect for filtering and cleaning the air that you breathe, alongside many other health and safety benefits.

Installing air conditioning in a house can be a tricky job if you’re not a registered professional or an air conditioning engineer, however that’s not to say it’s impossible. 

Some systems are installed differently so it is important to follow the instructions of your specific air conditioning system, or, to book in with a professional engineer if you’re not feeling confident. Split system air conditioning units, like those sold by BOXT, are much easier to fit than other types due to them being ductless. They involve installing an inside and outside one, with a cable and piping running between them.

A step-by-step guide 

Step 1 - Select the location of the indoor unit

To install the indoor unit, you must first have an idea of where it will be based. For efficiency reasons, choose a spot away from direct sunlight. 

For the indoor unit, you’ll need at least 15 cm of space all the way around it in order for the air to circulate effectively. It should be mounted in a high position, on a wall, with plenty of breathing space around the unit. Make sure that the unit is at least 3ft away from any power lines like television cables. Do not worry if the unit is high as you will have a remote control to easily operate it. 

You will need to cut a hole through the wall for the pipes so it is important that the wall is in good condition and is strong enough to hold the unit. 

Step 2 - Begin installing the indoor unit

Right, so now you can start to install the indoor unit. You should begin by holding the mounting plate to the interior wall. Use a level to make sure it is positioned correctly. With a pencil, mark the holes for the screws, put the plate down and begin to drill holes into the marked spots. 

Put the plate back into position,  insert the plastic anchors and secure with the screws. 

Step 3 - Drill a hole for the pipes and cables

Make a mark in the centre of the mounting plate. Use a drill and hole-cutting attachment to create a 3 inch hole.  

Step 4 - Run the pipes and cables through the wall 

Using electrical tape, tape together the copper pipes, the drain pipe and the power cable. Place the pipes and cables through the wall and connect them to the indoor unit.

Step 5 - Secure the indoor unit to the wall

Align the connections on the back of the indoor unit with the connections on the mounting plate and attach it to the wall. 

Step 6 - Begin installing the outdoor unit

So, now the indoor unit is secured to the wall it’s time to start installing the outdoor unit. This unit needs to be within 50ft of where you placed the indoor unit. 

Install the outdoor unit away from direct sunlight if possible and in a location with at least 30cm of space surrounding it. Place it on a concrete pad to ensure it is flat and even. Secure the unit to the concrete pad with anchor bolts. 

Step 7 - Connect the pipes and cables to the outdoor unit

Secure the copper pipes from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit with flare nuts. Connect the power cable to the outdoor unit and the power supply to an outlet. 

Step 8 - Secure the piping 

Fix the piping to the wall. Seal the hole using expanding foam. 

Step 9 - Bleed the air 

Connect a vacuum pump hose to the service port. Turn the vacuum on and wait until it reaches 10 mm Hg. Close the low pressure valve and turn off the vacuum. 

Step 10 - Turn on your new air conditioning

After the foam has dried, you can turn on your new air conditioner, using the remote. If you are struggling, refer to the manual for advice. 

How much does it cost to install an air conditioner in the UK?

The cost of installing an air conditioning system in your home can vary depending on the system you choose and if an engineer installs it for you. According to checkatrade, the average cost of an air conditioning system is from £1500 - £4000. 

Need help? BOXT are here. 

Despite installation being possible with the right equipment and expertise, it is always better to seek the help of an expert when installing air conditioning units - this is much safer and hassle-free. At BOXT, we work with a number of reputable air conditioning manufacturers and we can offer you a system that is of the highest quality, at a great fixed price - we can also install the units the very next day, free of charge. 

Installing a home air conditioning system could be a worthy investment for you and the occupants of your property. If you’re in need of some more information on how to install air conditioning, or if you’d like to go through the next steps, contact us on 0800 193 7777 or use our Live Chat service. If you don’t have the time to speak to us directly, use our ‘Find An AC’ tool to find the perfect air conditioning system to suit your needs. 

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