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Eco air conditioning: components and benefits

If you’re concerned about the effect your energy usage is having on the environment, you may think investing in an air conditioning system isn’t the most ideal option available to you. Over the years, we’ve all tried to get into the habit of using less energy or turning off appliances in the home when not in use. Your thoughts may be that an air conditioning system will surely add to your energy consumption and increase your carbon footprint – the one thing we’re trying to avoid.

Eco air conditioning can work in a number of ways to reduce that carbon footprint and lower energy costs. Investing in the right eco friendly air conditioner for your home could be beneficial for a number of reasons, as well as bringing a number of health and safety benefits to your property in the process.

In this guide, we’ll explain what makes eco air conditioning, as well as how the different components help to reduce your carbon footprint.

What makes an eco-friendly air conditioning system?

The size of your air conditioning system.

The size of your system is an important factor in measuring sustainable air conditioning. If your system is too small, it won’t be able to generate enough energy to cool down your environment. As it tries to do so, it will consistently waste a lot of energy, negatively impacting your usage.

If your system is too large for the space, you’ll probably be able to see one of the following signs:

  • Your air conditioner runs in short cycles – your air conditioner may shut down after a few minutes if the space it’s in is too small.
  • Regular cycles won’t work – a system that is too big won’t run on an expected cycle. Because of this, the humidity levels in the environment won’t be reduced, resulting in your rooms not cooling as they should.
  • An increase in energy bills – because of your system constantly powering up and down, your energy costs may increase more significantly than they would if you had the perfect size.

Before you choose an air conditioner, it’s important you assess the specific area first to determine the size of the system you need. An engineer can do this for you.

Heat pumps.

These days, more modern AC systems have the added ability to heat up a room as well as cooling it. It basically works by reversing the cycle it uses for cooling, gathering heat energy from the air outside. The heat pump is largely environmentally friendly due to its low energy consumption, and it also doesn’t release harmful waste gases into the air.

Programmable thermostats.

Thermostats are an important part of your air conditioning system if you want to go eco-friendly. You can programme your thermostat to turn off when no one is in a room or you can alter the settings in separate rooms, if you have multiple indoor units. By having a flexible system that is easily altered to your preferences, you can do your part in reducing energy.

Regular maintenance.

Eco friendly air conditioning and heating would not be possible without regular maintenance. As with any appliance, they’ll not work as effectively if there is a broken or faulty component. It’s important to keep up to date with air conditioning inspections and have any issues checked out as soon as they arise by a qualified engineer.

Eco friendly air conditioner benefits.

Going eco friendly with your air conditioner has a number of positive benefits:

Reduces energy costs.

With a reduced energy usage, cheaper bills aren’t far behind. Upgraded technology in a variety of systems means your system won’t use as much energy. Newer systems in particular are more compact, meaning the amount of electricity used to run them is reduced.

Even though the upfront cost can be expensive, a modern system can pay for itself in the long run. The reduction in energy prices will more than make up for it.

A more reliable, longer lasting system.

As eco friendly air conditioning systems are more modern technology, they will be much more reliable than an older system. A newer system can increase the life span of your air conditioning units as well as give you the opportunity for a longer warranty in some cases.

Quieter when running.

It’s a known fact that air conditioning units can be quite noisy in operation. Split system air conditioning units, for example, have both an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit does get noisy, but the main indoor unit will be much quieter – where you need it the most. When indoors, you’ll barely notice the sound of a working air conditioning unit, which is a big benefit.

Reduces harmful emissions.

The amount of energy released from any appliance all takes its toll on the environment. However, with a sustainable air conditioning system, you’re reducing the amount of energy that is released into the environment. Heat pumps, for example, don’t generate any cool air themselves. This prevents the need to give off any harmful emissions, meaning it’s much safer for the environment.


Thanks to new regulations, it’s now a requirement for all air conditioning systems to have a regular inspection. This legislation means that if a property has an air conditioning system over 12kW, then it is a requirement to have an inspection. This inspection must be carried out by a qualified assessor and you must keep your inspection documentation updated every five years. See our guide on the TM44 inspection for a more in-depth description

Eco air conditioning products have endless benefits.

Opting for a new environmentally friendly air conditioning system is a worthy investment. If you’re considering a new system to replace an older one or are interested in having a particular type of unit installed in your home, take a look at our guide to air conditioning.

If you’re looking for an AC system for your home, you can use our ‘Find An A/C System’ tool for personalised air conditioning recommendations. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0800 193 7777 to speak to one of our qualified BOXT engineers.

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