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24 Oct : Updated 26 Mar ● 5 min read

Can I install an EV charger at home?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular as people look for more cost-effective and sustainable ways to get around. But one of the biggest challenges of owning an electric car is access to EV charging stations.

Installing a home EV charger is a great solution for most EV owners. Still, it's important to understand the process and requirements involved. 

Our guide is here to answer all your pressing questions before you decide if a home EV charger will make sense for you. From eligibility to preparations before installation, we've got you covered.

Can I install an electric car charger at home?

So you've just invested in a brand-new electric car, and you want the convenience of being able to charge it at home. You've taken out your electric car insurance, and you're ready to go.

Of course, your next thought is, 'can I install a home charging point for my new electric vehicle?'. The good news is, yes, you can!

You can install an electric vehicle (EV) charging point at your home, provided you have off-road parking and an accessible place to install it. For example, a driveway, garage, or carport are fantastic places to install a home charging point.

You may also want to consider having a Wallbox installed for better and faster charging. 

There's a great benefit to having a home charger, too. And that's not having to find electric car charging points to recharge your vehicle.You can simply plug it in at home and rest easy knowing you can fully charge your electric car from the comfort of your own home.

Who can install an EV charger at home?

In the UK, anyone who owns the property where the EV charger is being placed can install one.

The installation should be done by a qualified electrician. This will ensure it is done safely and the installation is in line with local regulations.

Additionally, homeowners will need to make sure that the installation of their EV chargers meets all the requirements. These include obtaining relevant permits, having a good power supply, and meeting safety standards.

If you want to make the process as quick, painless, and affordable as possible, BOXT has you covered. We'll always give you the best fixed-price quote for your electric car charging point.

How long does it take to have an EV charging point installed at home?

Over and above the EV charger installation cost, you should consider how long it takes to install an electric car charging point at home. You'll need to be home while the charging point installation is being performed, so this is an important question.

When you've called a professional engineer to perform the installation of a home charger, the time it takes will depend on several factors. It will depend on the type of charger, the location of the charging point, and the power supply available.

On average, a standard installation should take a few hours. In most cases, your engineer can have a domestic charging point installed in as little as two hours. 

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How can I prepare for EV charger installation at home?

There are three main EV charger installation requirements. These requirements include:

  • Property ownership
  • Off-street parking
  • Wi-Fi connection (some chargers also work off 4G as they have a sim card built into them)

There are a few steps electric car owners can take to ensure their installation runs smoothly.

Step 1 - Determine what type of charger you'll need

Different electric cars need different chargers. While most electric cars need a Type 2 socket, older models may still use a Type 1. This is where a tethered and untethered charger will come in.

When you're getting a charger installed, it's important to remember that a tethered charger comes with a Type 1 or Type 2 cable attached. And while that may be handy in the short term, it's less flexible than an untethered charger. Untethered chargers don't have a cable attached but can be used with any electric car - no matter their plug requirements.

Step 2 - Get all the necessary permits

Depending on where you live and the regulations of your area, you may need to obtain permits before installing an EV charging point. Whilst most electric car drivers can install a charger without permits, there are special circumstances when they may be required. EV chargers are no longer considered permitted developments and will require permits when:

  • The installation is close to a highway
  • In a listed building
  • Over 1.6 metres tall (ground-mounted) or over 0.2 cubic metres (wall-mounted)

Step 3 - Select a location

If you want to charge your electric car at home, you'll need a good location for the charger. This can be in your garage, in a carport, or on your driveway.

As long as you have good accessibility and it falls in line with safety regulations, you can charge an electric car almost anywhere. Just remember that your location will also need a good Wi-Fi connection (unless your charger has a 4G sim installed)!

Step 4 - Check your power supply

When you get in touch with your technician or electrician, you'll need to ask them whether your home has a good enough power supply. The supply needs to support the electric car charger. Without it, you won't be able to use the charger.

Step 5 - Hire a qualified engineer

Don't get stuck with a poorly installed charger. One of the most important factors to consider before installing an EV charger at home is that you're only using a qualified engineer.

Trying to install your own charger can come at a cost and may even be dangerous to your health and home. Instead, a professional technician can help you to install your charger quickly and safely.


Choose home EV charging point installation with BOXT

Now that you're cruising in style with an electric car, the next logical step is to install a home charger. In the long run, these chargers will save you time and money and even improve the value of your home.

So if you're ready to get your installation going, BOXT can help you find the best EV charger for your home. Our team of experts is ready to help.