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Paul Holdsworth, Engineer

31 Jan : Updated 31 Jan ● 3 min read

Would you trust a smart lock?

What if your home door key was your mobile phone? The rise of Echo Dot and Google Home Nest means that most things in your home have the potential to be smart. From coffee machines to light bulbs - the sky’s the limit. That’s no exception for door locks. Smart home technology has now spread its wings into home security - as a new, convenient way of protecting our homes. 

But do we place too much trust in smart home technology? We’re putting smart locks under the microscope to find out what makes them such an exciting piece of tech, and why some people may be hesitant to open their family doors to them. 

What is a smart lock?

The smart lock is the future of home security. It’s the gadget that takes away the stress of finding your keys and the mental squabble of trying to remember if you’ve locked the door. By simply downloading an app, which can connect to your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you’ll be able to have full control over the accessibility of your home.

You’re even able to make schedules and set timers, too. Let’s say you're expecting an engineer at your home, you can let them in wherever you are via the mobile app. Some of the leading brands include: August, Yale, Nest, Schlage, and RemoteLock - so it's worth having a shop around. Research is key. 

gold Apple iPhone smartphone held at the door

Ultra convenient.

Most people tend to have their mobiles on them at all times. That’s what makes the smart lock so clever. As you approach your door, hands full of groceries no doubt, the lock senses your mobile as you approach and opens the door involuntarily. Convenient, user-friendly, and dependable - it’s perfect for those busy family homes. 

Connects to your smart hub.

If you’re feeling extra lazy, smart locks work great with voice assistance. By connecting your Echo or Google Home Nest, you can voice a command to open the door without moving a single muscle. It’s as easy as that. 

white and gray Google smart speaker and two black speakers

What if you don’t have your mobile?

This is the bit that makes people anxious. As groundbreaking as this technology may be, things can go wrong. There’s always the chance you could lose your phone or your battery dying. What if the Wi-Fi suddenly ceases to connect? Then how do you get back in? Smash your own window? Why not go the whole hog; pop on a balaclava and steal your own TV. Save the burglar a back straining job. 

Not to worry. All you have to do is download your smart lock app (depending on which smart lock brand you’re using) on another smartphone device, fill in your login information - and you should be able to regain access to your home (without breaking and entering). 

If you don’t have another device - many smart locks do come with a pin code as well as a normal key entry. For peace of mind, It might be handy to keep a key in a safe pocket before you leave your house, just in case. You could even wear it around your neck; pretend you’re on a quest. It’s up to you, Frodo. 

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