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Time to get into smart home tech - here's why...

When it comes to modern tech, who’s to tell smart homes will just become another fad that is brushed aside? As we’ve seen in the past, things can quickly fall out of fashion or be overthrown by a superior device. Who could forget the humble Blackberry? Or the seriously impractical Segway scooter that no one bought? Eventually, people just realise they’re not up to scratch. 

But, there are some clear signs that this wave of smart home technology is going to be sticking around for a while. Everything seems to include voice assistance these days. So, here’s why we think now is the best time to get yourself the latest smart home device. 

Black Friday bonanza. 

If you’ve been considering getting yourself a smart home device but find they can be too expensive - then your prayers have been answered. Friday, 29th November, get it in your diary. Black Friday is the day where you’ll find deals, offers, and the lowest prices on pretty much all things smart home. With Amazon’s sale lasting 7 days this year, you’ll find Amazon Echo’s at almost half the price. Fill your boots. 

It’s not even December yet, and I’ve already heard a Christmas song play on the radio - my eyes nearly rolled out of my head. Although, as much as we all hate thinking about it so early on, Black Friday is a great way to get some early Xmas shopping done. Smart home gadgets make great gifts and will be sure to impress even the Grinch himself. 

Amazon aren’t the only ones taking part in Black Friday. See what deals we have to offer, simply go through our boiler journey.

Plenty to get your teeth stuck in to. 

Another reason to get yourself a smart home device is that there’s such a wide variety available. From Philips Hue’s smart light bulb, to the August Pro’s smart lock for your doors - there’s all sorts of interesting tech knocking about that would be perfect for your home. Also, there’s revised versions of older models available, such as the Echo Dot with clock - a small change that makes a big difference.

Image result for august pro lock

Life made simpler.

Unlike the unusually large Segway scooter, one of the huge benefits of smart home devices is the convenience of them all. They do actually make your life a lot easier. Control everything via voice assistance or if you can’t be bothered speaking, then all smart home gadgets having their own bespoke app, you’ll never have to get up and find the remote again - simply ask your Google Home.

Truly transforms your home. 

As homeowners, we care about how our home looks, after all they’re our pride and joy. Smart home gadgets are perfect for transforming your home. Taking quite mundane devices, such as a thermostat, and turning them in to a stylish and contemporary part of your home. 

More importantly, if you want to secretly show off when Karen and Steve are round you’re bound to make an impression. Smart home tech was made to entertain guests, simply say ‘Hey Google, tell me a joke’, or ask 'what's the best wine to go with spaghetti bolognese?' It’s good fun. 


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