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31 Jan : Updated 31 Jan ● 3 min read

What is a Google Hub Mini?

Ever wanted your own personal assistant? Convenient, intelligent, and plenty of fun for the whole family, the Google Hub Mini will redefine your home. Essentially, the Google Hub Mini is a smart speaker that has a built-in voice assistance that you can interact with.

By connecting to your Wi-Fi, it allows you to ask various questions and make requests, such as 'play Stranger things on Netflix', without you having to move a muscle. All you have to do to get set up is download the ‘Google Home’ app and just follow the simple instructions. 

Your very own Google assistant. 

Now rebranded as the ‘Google Nest Mini’, this is the clever gadget every family home needs. Sleek, cutting edge, and portable - this smart home hub looks great wherever you decide to place it. Its compact size means that this fits perfectly on any shelf or bedside table without taking up too much room. 

The best of its knowledge.

Indulge your curiosity. Pick the Google Nest Mini’s brain and ask it anything that’s on your mind. Want to know the capital of Slovenia? Or what about a tasty Thai green curry recipe? No problem. It’s the new, easy way to surf the internet - just begin whatever you need to know with ‘Hey Google’ and it’ll tell you everything it knows. 


Quality sound.

Don’t be fooled by its size. Although small in stature, the Google Nest Mini has an excellent audio output. Why not put it to good use by playing your favourite artists on Spotify or Deezer? Whether you’re having a few friends over or just blasting out the tunes whilst you're cooking, the Google Home Nest is suitable for any occasion. 

Have trouble sleeping? The Google Nest Mini has just the thing for you. Relax to the gentle crashing of the waves and feel yourself slowly drift off. It even has the sound of a rainforest and rain droplets, too. Simply say those magic words and you’ll be out like a light. 

Manage everyday tasks.

We all have busy lives, so it’s easy to forget to take the bins out or to pick up a birthday present. Effortlessly organise your day by setting alarms and reminders with the Google Nest Mini. Why not create your own schedule for the week? That way you’ll always be on time; prepared for whatever the day brings you.

Endless smart home possibilities.

Smart home technology is the future. That’s why once you have the Google Hub Mini, it opens the door for a range of smart home technology for you to play around with. From the smart bulb to smart thermostats - almost anything in your home can be smart.

Information in this guide is correct as of 16/09/2020

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