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31 Jan : Updated 31 Jan ● 4 min read

Top tech to look out for in 2020

A new year brings with it a new decade, which can only mean one thing - a fresh pile of gadgets to get our techy teeth stuck in to. From the groundbreaking to the environmentally friendly, we're taking you through a quick tour of the gadgets that’s got us all talking in 2020.

Tesla - Autonomous driving.

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate. I mean, who would have thought that self-driving cars would ever have existed outside the realm of a blockbuster film? They do and it’s estimated that there’ll be over 10 million self-driving vehicles on the road worldwide this year. By 2021, we could be seeing them in the UK. Which means that drivers could simultaneously eat a chip butty in one hand and have a brew in the other. The English dream. But that would be illegal. So don’t.

The new ‘autopilot’ feature on Tesla means vehicles can steer, accelerate, and brake without the driver needing to lift a muscle. Also, ‘self-parking’ means you’ll never have to go through the headache of squeezing into a tight space again - merely let this clever car do it for you.


Oculus Rift - Virtual reality.

Since first being invented in 1968, it’s fair to say VR has come a long way. If you’re a gamer then the Oculus Rift is the ultimate bit of tech you’ve been waiting for. Works perfectly with PS4/PS5, these headsets revolutionise game playing allowing you to lose yourself in the world of virtual reality. Escapism has never been this advanced.  

Graphics wise, the Oculus Rift excels any other VR headset. Convincing, authentic, and detailed - it really does feel like you’re a part of the game. The Rift is an experience you can’t miss.


PlayStation 5.

Although the new PS5 logo is nothing to get excited about, the console itself certainly is. With the release date expected around November 2020 - we can anticipate a myriad of new features. What we know already is that the loading speed is going to be almost instant. Thanks to a specialised SSD drive meaning the console as a whole will be way more powerful. It's guaranteed that the PS5 will truly push the boundaries of gaming.

Rolec - Electric vehicle charger.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and it’s considered that by 2035 all new cars sold in Europe will be electric. So, to meet this demand - Rolec have designed an affordable yet highly convenient way of charging your eco friendly car at home. A home charging station - simply plug in and you’ll be taking efficiency to the next level. It’s super easy to set up and is great for overnight charging - ready for any type of journey you have planned.


Nest Cam Outdoor Smart Security Camera.

Keep an eagle eye on your property at all times with this redefining bit of tech. So much more than just a security camera, the Google Nest Cam is designed to put your mind at ease when you’re not at home - 24/7. If there’s suspicious activity at home, you receive alerts directly to your mobile via Google Nest app. 

Not only that, but you’ll have a HD live stream of your property right at your fingertips - it’s surveillance at its most convenient. This smart gadget also detects what’s a person and what isn’t, so you don’t receive any false alarms. Google are just showing off now...

Amazon Echo Show 5. 

Amazon Echo Dot, but with a difference. The Echo Show 5 device not only has Alexa helping you with whatever is on your mind, but now you can actually have the option of a 5.5” smart display. The slick touch screen enables you to adjust thermostats, make video calls, and watch films with just the flick of a finger. Or thanks to the brilliant voice assistance feature that has made the Amazon Echo so popular, simply ask Alexa to do it for you. 

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