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31 Jan : Updated 10 Jan ● 6 min read

The ultimate BOXT Christmas gift guide

Although it might feel a little bit different, it’s that time of the year again. Which means the rush for Christmas shopping has well and truly begun.

So this year, we thought we’d give you a helping hand with your Christmas shopping. Whether you’re desperate to find something that isn’t a bath set again or simply need some inspiration, here is BOXT’s guide to Christmas gifts. 


Google Nest Mini.

Buying your Dad the new Google Nest Mini for Christmas is sure to put a smile on his face. Why? Because it uses voice control which is revolutionary in the world of smart home technology. We’ve all seen the sci-fi films. A highly intelligent computer that ultimately becomes evil by the end. The Google Nest Mini is similarly just as clever. It’s essentially the new way of surfing the web whilst also being able to control various other appliances in your home.

All you have to do is say ‘Hey Google’, followed by whatever is on your mind that day. For example, ‘Hey Google, what is the capital of Slovenia?’ and Google Nest Mini will respond with an answer. It’s pretty cool.

This clever little gadget also understands commands, too. Such as, ‘Hey Google, turn on the lights’ or ‘Hey Google, shuffle David Bowie on Spotify’. Unlike the cheesy sci-fi films, you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t turn evil - which is always a good thing. 


Google Nest Learning Thermostat.

A Christmas gift the whole family can benefit from. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is the smart thermostat designed to keep your home warm and at the perfect desired temperature. 

Everyone’s finished their Christmas dinner; now time for the big Christmas nap in the living room. If the temperature is not quite as warm as you’d like, no need to get up and walk to the thermostat, instead you can control the central heating directly from your mobile device. It’s super easy. By downloading the Google Nest app, you can higher, lower, turn off, on heating whenever you like, even if you’re not at home. Which is great news for your energy bills and even better news for those lazy Christmas naps. 


Nest Protect.

Make way for the new, state of the art smoke alarm that’s destined to become a staple in everyone’s home. The Nest Protect is the quintessential guardian for your property. Whenever it senses a potential hazard, it will send a notification to your mobile immediately. Nest Protect also tells you where about in your home the hazard is coming from. It’s reliable, cutting edge, and could save your life.

The Nest Protect does so much more than only detecting smoke. It also doubles up as sensing any carbon monoxide in your property and has a guarantee of working for up to a decade. Keep your family safe and sound this Christmas with the Nest Protect. 


Grohe Sense Smart Water Sensor. 

Flooding has been a likely occurrence for many parts of the UK around Christmas time. The Grohe Sense Smart Water Sensors primary function is to prevent any water damage in your home.

This nifty gadget sends you a direct notification to your mobile device whenever it detects a water leak. As soon as the device comes into contact with any water, you’ll hear a beeping sound to make sure you’re completely aware. The Grohe Sense Smart Water Sensor also measures humidity and frost, so you’ll never have to worry about mould again. 


Philips Hue Lightstrip.

Transform your home this Christmas with the Philips Hue Light strip. Create the ideal atmosphere for those cold Christmas nights by choosing from a selection of elegant colours. 

The flexibility of the lightstrip is able to bend around corners, under cabinets, and over walls allowing you to place wherever you fancy. Inside or outside, come rain or shine - the Philips Hue Lighstrip’s durability doesn’t go unnoticed. Powerful and packed full of colour they can be adjusted to suit any mood you’re in.


Google Nest Hub.

The Google Nest Hub is the heart of your home. Control your thermostat, lock, or lights, directly from the hub. It’s a great way to conveniently connect your home appliances as well as acting as a digital photo frame, the Google Nest Hub is as high definition as it gets.

Devised with a plethora of entertainment options for the whole family to enjoy. Need to distract the kids for a bit whilst you’re cooking the turkey? No problem. Thanks to the wide range of entertainment options, such as Netflix - everyone can enjoy the wonders of a subscription-based streaming service. 


TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini.

Not only is the P-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini an effortless way to switch on any devices you have in your home, but it also works as an exceptional money saver. You have to admit, after Christmas is over you could do with saving a bit of money - no thanks to the mile long lights you’ve had on all month and I’m sure that goes for everyone. Now with the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini, you’re able to monitor exactly how much energy each device is using in your home and set schedules. Say goodbye to spending money on wasted energy.  


Nest Hello.

You’ll never miss a package being delivered again. The Nest Hello allows you to see who is outside your door even when you’re not at home. It senses exactly what is a person or just a thing thanks to its HD camera, you’ll not only be able to see who’s pressed on your doorbell, you’ll also be able to speak directly to them straight from your mobile device. 


Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera.

A light that you can always rely on. The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is equipped with up to 3000 lumens of light, meaning this light packs a punch. No matter what the weather may be, the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera will enlighten even the darkest of nights. A powerful floodlight that is also a camera, the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera’s 2K HDR quality combined with night vision makes this is excellent at keeping your family safe during Christmas. 


Ikea Symfonisk Table Lamp.

By combining a speaker and a lamp into one function device, the Ikea Symfonisk Table Lamp is the efficient solution for clutter. Save space during the family chaos this Christmas with the only lamp that produces a rich tone that is louder than what you would think. Fits perfectly on a bedside table, as soon as you switch it on the warmth of the light fills the entire room.

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Information in this article is correct as of 08/12/2020

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