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The Google gadget every home needs

We’ve all had a smoke alarm mishap. You’re cooking breakfast and out of nowhere the alarm begins to shriek. Grabbing the nearest tea towel, you begin frantically waving at the sensor. It eventually stops, but at a cost. Your sausages are burnt.

The future of protecting your home has arrived. Google Nest Protect revolutionises the alarm by connecting to your Wi-Fi. Removing any stress and inconvenience of a conventional smoke alarm, whilst ensuring both your home and sausages are safe from any harm. Safeguard your home with the ultimate smoke alarm. 

The voice of reason. 

When the unthinkable happens, the Google Nest Protect tells you exactly where the danger is in your home. Clear, straightforward, and pronounced - the built-in voice is the alert that provides you with all of the necessary information to keep you and your family well protected. By connecting to your Wi-Fi, the Google Nest Protect communicates with the other Nest Protects in your home to reveal the location of any potential hazard. The voice gives you a ‘heads up’ if there’s smoke before setting off the alarm. It's clever, it’s fast, and it could save your life. 


You’ll be the first to know.  

Always know the status of your home; receive alerts instantly. When you’re not in, it’s easy to overthink what might be happening in your family home. Now, that’s a thing of the past.

From sending you the battery status of your Google Nest Protect to showing you the safety history, the Nest app is perfect for putting your mind at rest. You can even silence an alarm if it accidentally starts going off, even when you’re not in. 

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Checks for carbon monoxide.

Not only does this clever gadget sense smoke and fire, but it’s also designed to detect any carbon monoxide. Colourless, odourless, and with over 50 deaths a year; as well as 4,000 medical visits in the UK alone, carbon monoxide poisoning is a silent killer. Caused primarily by cookers, boilers, and heaters - everyone is at risk. 

That’s what makes the Google Nest Protect such an exciting and vital piece of tech. Google has thought of everything; they even claim the CO sensor lasts up to 10 years. It’s the modern day canary down the mine, except no birds die. 

Your very own guardian angel.

For the last 40 years, smoke detectors have been using the same sensors - but not this one. The Google Nest Protect uses a split spectrum sensor which means it can detect smoke, fire flames, and the speed of the fire. Get the latest cutting edge technology watching over you, 24/7.

As well as that, it recognises the difference between steam and smoke; what’s dangerous and what’s just your culinary skills. So you can finally cook your full English in peace, without the smoke alarm kicking off. 


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Information in this article is correct as of 16/09/2020

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