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Our favourite smart home devices of 2019

Here at BOXT, we’re passionate about delivering top quality boilers and air conditioning at a fair, fixed price.  As well as that, we're also really in to modern smart home technology. So, with only a few weeks of 2019 left we’re looking back at some of the smart home gadgets that have caught our eye this year.

1). Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Much of smart home technology transforms something boring in our homes into an interesting and handy bit of tech. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat is no exception. It can set heating schedules, learn your routine, and can all be done on the Nest mobile app. 

It’s a great way of saving money as well. Let’s face it, none of us really think about thermostats when we’re at home, it’s normally tucked away on a wall somewhere. With the Google Nest Learning Thermostat, it makes you more aware of how much you're spending - so you can keep an eye on your heating habits. Combining a convenient app and stylish interface looks great wherever you decide to place it. 

2). Amazon Echo

Your new best friend, Alexa, will help you with almost anything. From a weather update to playing the latest tunes - the Echo does it all. You can even make calls, set timers, and ask Alexa anything that’s on your mind. The days of mobile surfing are over, the Echo is there to make your life easier, perfect for doing some online shopping - all you need to do is ask! 

3). Belkin WeMo Insight

The Belkin WeMo Insight, is the adapter that enables you to turn appliances on and off - wherever you are. You guessed it, this can all be done on the WeMo app and with voice assistance (if you have an Echo or Google Home product).

This nifty gadget allows you to keep an eye on your energy costs, a useful tool for saving money. It tells you an estimated monthly cost and how long the plug has been in use for - meaning no more surprises when those bills arrive… Why not set energy schedules as well? Simply get on the app and it will tell you everything it knows - in real time, too.

4). Nest Protect

Give your home the ultimate protection. The Nest Protect is the smart smoke detector that everyone should be using. By downloading the app, you’ll be aware of the status of your home at all times, by alerting your mobile when it senses smoke or carbon monoxide. This gadget epitomises peace of mind - perfect for all homes.

5). Google Home Mini

Smaller than the Amazon Echo but a whole lot cheaper. We know it arrives earlier every year, but the Google Home Mini is the perfect gift for Christmas without breaking the bank. Still blessed with excellent sound quality, you’ll be able to search the internet and do all of the smart things you’d expect. Need to make a shopping list, can’t find a pen and paper? No problem, simply say those magical ‘Hey Google’ words and it’ll remember it for you and send it to the Google Home app you’ve downloaded. 

6). August Smart Lock Pro

You read it correctly, there’s actually a smart lock. The August Smart Lock Pro is a convenient way of locking and unlocking your door via an easy to use app on your smartphone. This means no more searching around for your keys and having a mini heart attack every time you think you’ve lost them. It also works great with Amazon Echo and Google Home - you’ll never have to do an awkward doorstep greeting again.

We’ve all done it, leaving the house and having the “did I lock the front door?” mental quandary, it can be torture. Now, with the August Smart Lock Pro’s ‘automation’ setting, your door will automatically lock itself and provide a status via the app, so you don’t have to remember or stress about a thing. 

7). Philips Hue

Say goodbye to switching your lights on the manual way, it’s in the dark ages now. ‘Bring your home to life’ with the Philips Hue LED lamp bulbs. Once connected to your Wi-Fi and Google Home or Echo, you’re able to control any of the Philips Hue lights in any room via voice assistance. Choose from a variety of colours and transform your living room - set a mood that’s right for you. Like every other smart home device, it can be controlled wirelessly on the app. 

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