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31 Jan : Updated 31 Jan ● 4 min read

How smart home technology can help you work from home

For many of us, going into the office is now a thing of the past. Swapping a shirt and tie for dressing gowns and slippers, colleagues for family members, and the M62 for our landing stairs. Remote work appears to be the modern way to earn a living and it fits perfectly into the world of smart home technology. 

Convenient, flexible, and gives you ultimate control over your surroundings, the possibilities for smart home technology are endless. From smart home hubs to smart thermostats they can have a huge benefit to your livelihood and are a great way to adapt to working away from the office. Here are just some of the smart home gadgets that can improve your ‘working from home’ life...

Google Home Mini.

You’re at your desk, chipping away at whatever work you have to do that day. You’re bored, you need a lift, a pick me up: ‘Hey Google, play Escape (the Pina Colada song)’. Within seconds, you’re now having the time of your life. The Google Home Mini is a voice assisted smart home hub, it’s compact with an impressive volume for its size, and looks great wherever you place it. 

This clever little gadget doesn’t just play 80’s classics, it also makes a great work assistant. You’ll be able to take notes, set alarms, and call clients by simply saying ‘Hey Google’. The Google Home Mini can even provide you with a quick news and weather update, just in case you forget why you’re working from home in the first place. 


Google Learning Thermostat.

Remember the old days of working in an office? When there was always that one colleague who would set the thermostat at an abnormally high temperature... This is why the Google Nest Learning thermostat is great for those of us 9 to 5’ing at home - you can set the temperature that’s right for you.

By downloading the Google Nest mobile app, you can set heating schedules, turn the heating on, off, higher, or lower - wherever you are in the world. No more getting up and fiddling with your old thermostat, simply set your ideal temperature from your mobile and concentrate on getting some work done (at a temperature that isn’t sweltering ). Cutting edge technology with efficient results.


Smarter Coffee Machine SMCOF01.

Start an early morning the right way with the Smarter Coffee SMOF01 machine. A barista style coffee right in the comfort of your own home is exactly what you need whilst you're staring at spreadsheets

Wake up to the smell of fresh coffee every day as the Smarter Coffee app allows you to start brewing a coffee anywhere you are via the Smarter app and set a schedule at when you’d like your coffee. You can even select your desired strength and the number of cups you’d like - 

This ingenious coffee machine can even connect to your Google Home Mini or Echo Dot. Get instant coffee without moving a single muscle.

Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

Maybe you’re expecting a parcel, but at the same time you’ve got an important email that needs writing. Now, you can deal with both thanks to the Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell. You’ll be able to see who’s at the door in clear HD straight to your mobile device. Talk to them directly from your mobile, and you’ll never miss an Amazon delivery again. 

Phillips Hue Light Bulb.

Working from home means that it’s up to you to make your work space as comfortable as possible. This is crucial as you’ll be spending all of your working day at your desk, so even the smallest of changes can make a difference. The Philips Hue Light Bulb is the difference your ‘home office’ is waiting for. A smart bulb that allows you to choose from hundreds of colours to create an atmosphere that’s perfect for you. 

You’re able to turn your main living room light on right from your desk. The Philips Light Bulb effortlessly connects to your Google Home Mini or Echo Dot which means all you have to do is say ‘Hey Google turn on living room light’, and you’ll be out of the winter darkness, useful for when the days start getting shorter. 


TCP Smart Wi-Fi plug. 

One of the downsides of working from home is the fact that those energy bills will be higher than usual. Affordable, reliable, and efficient, the TCP Smart Wi-Fi plug is a great way to monitor your energy consumption. Set schedules and timers, so you can switch on your fan or charge your mobile at any time of day. It’s super easy to set up and work on android or smartphones, you can download the app and get set up right away. 

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