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5 investments that could save you plenty

For many of us, when we see something with a hefty price tag it immediately detracts us from purchasing - which is understandable. But sometimes spending extra could save your future self a whole lot of cash...

OK don’t panic, this isn’t one of those scaremongering articles reminding you how low on cash we all are. No, this is just some interesting advice that’s guaranteed to have some positive results on your bank account.

Freshen up your boiler.

Buying a new boiler. A chore that us homeowners have to go through at some point in our lives. A costly, unexciting investment where you’d probably have more fun punching yourself repeatedly in the face. However, switching from an old boiler to a revitalised modern one really can save you big money - honest!

It’s all to do with efficiency rating. The more efficient a boiler is the less energy is required to heat up your home. The less energy used, the more money you save. It just so happens that many of the newer models are rated A for efficiency. See the benefits of a new boiler in your home and lower those energy bills, today.


Get smart with your home.

Some might say that smart home technology is a glimpse into our impending AI takeover apocalypse. But If it means saving a few quid every month, I for one welcome our machine overlords.

You can get smart anything these days, from smart locks to smart bulbs - all controlled via an app or voice assistance. It’s great, the apps show you how much your spending each month on energy bills so you know exactly what your hard earned cash is paying towards. This way, you can keep an eye on your energy spending without any surprises. 

See our favourite smart home devices of 2019.

The clever Google Nest Learning Thermostat.

The thermostat: you know that thing we never think about that’s somewhere in our homes, but nobody knows where… A mysterious, yet important device that we should be constantly monitoring. Now thanks to the Google Nest Learning Thermostat, we can. 

Control your heating via the app, wherever you are - why not set heating schedules as well? It’s not only a convenient way of saving money but looks super stylish, too. Works excellently with voice assistance, all you have to do is connect to your smart home hub device - and away you go. 



Electric, efficient, clean.

Jeremy Clarkson’s idea of hell, our planet’s saviour. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, with Nissan selling over 400,000 in early 2019.  But why are they so popular? Well, they’re eco-friendly meaning zero emissions which is pretty useful for the environment. Also, they’re way cheaper to run than other types of vehicles. 

On average, gas guzzlers will cost you around £10,000 to run for over six years, in contrast to EV which costs £6,400. This is because no fuel is required, simply plug it in to an EV charger station and you're done. 


Super solar energy.

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels don't need the scorching sun of the Sahara desert beaming directly over them to produce energy. All they need is standard daylight - perfect for our British weather.  

Initially, solar energy is for sure a big investment. Roughly costing between £6,000 - £7,000, but once installed they can reduce your energy bills by 70%. Which means over time you’ll see yourself getting that money back. Requiring very little maintenance and with a lifespan of between 30-40 years - it’s reliable, sustainable, and effective.  


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