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The Motability Scheme for electric cars

The Motability scheme for drivers allows people who are disabled to exchange their mobility allowance for a number of vehicles and modes of transport. Including new cars, mobility scooters, or powered wheelchairs - to name a few. To make things even better, electric cars are included in this. By choosing an electric vehicle, a driver can save up to £1000 per year in running costs.

Not everyone is eligible for Motability scheme cars, so it’s worth doing your research if you’re interested in taking advantage of it. This guide will detail who exactly is eligible, what it is, and how you can be a part of it when purchasing an electric vehicle. 

Who is eligible for the Motability car scheme?

You can be eligible for the Motability scheme if you receive one of the following benefits:

  • Armed Forces Independence Payment, or AFIP.
  • Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment.
  • Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance.
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement.

Which models are included?

There are a number of different car brands and models available on the Motability scheme including:

  • Fully electric cars: Renault Zoe, BMW i3, Hyundai IONIQ, smart EQ.
  • Plug-In Hybrid cars: Toyota Prius Plug-In, Mini Countryman PHEV, BMW 2 Series.

For a full list of the vehicles included in the scheme, you can speak to your local dealership.

In order to apply for the Motability car scheme, you’ll need to have at least 12 months left on your allowance.

How to join the Motability scheme and find a vehicle.

If you receive any of the allowances/benefits we listed above, then you are entitled to join the scheme. You’ll need to show evidence that you are eligible for the scheme when you go to purchase a vehicle. Here are the three steps you’ll need to take to join:

Choose the right vehicle.

Whether you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, a powered wheelchair, scooter, or a standard car with some adaptations - you can choose exactly what you need to suit your lifestyle as well as your personal requirements. There are a wide variety of different vehicles to choose from, so it’s always worth having a good look around. Electric vehicles will not only help the environment, but they’ll save you much more money in the long run too.

Find a dealer and arrange a test drive of your preferred vehicle.

Once you have done some browsing and have found an electric car that looks great and matches your needs, you’ll need to find a dealer who will allow you to lease a car through the Motability scheme. You can then arrange an appointment and a test drive to really get a feel for the vehicle. 

Order your vehicle.

When you’ve made your decision, order your vehicle. To do so, you’ll need to show the following at the dealership:

  • A certificate of entitlement from the Department of Work and Pensions.
  • Some proof of address from the last 6 months.
  • A form of ID, such as a valid passport or driving licence. 

Collect the vehicle and sign your lease.

After you’ve ordered your electric vehicle, you should get a PIN through the post within 2 weeks. When you come to collect your vehicle, you’ll need this PIN when you sign the lease agreement.

Paying for your new electric vehicle.

When you purchase your electric vehicle, Motability will receive your benefit directly each month in order to pay for the lease. There may be more or less to may depending on the vehicle you choose. More expensive vehicles will probably need payment up front, but you may be able to get help with this.

With the payment of your vehicle, you’ll get these things in with the price:

  • Vehicle insurance
  • Tax
  • Breakdown cover
  • Servicing and maintenance.
  • Vehicle adaptations

Why choose an electric vehicle over a standard vehicle?

With the prices of fuel forever rising, it’s becoming the smarter option to opt for an electric vehicle. By making the switch to electric, you can save up to £1000 on fuel costs. These vehicles are also environmentally friendly, releasing zero exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. 

Aside from the vehicle itself, electric vehicles have other benefits, including being exempt from the London congestion charge and Road Tax, and may have a 50% reduction in overall maintenance costs. 

There are a long list of benefits of electric cars; check out our guide.

Charging an electric car.

Electric cars are very simple to charge. To charge an electric car at home, you’ll need to install a home EV charging point. This is the easiest and most convenient way to charge up your vehicle. The initial cost of the home charging point can be reduced by taking advantage of the OLEV grant

As well as home charging points, there are now a number of public and workplace charging points to take advantage of. Some will be free to use, but for rapid charging, you should expect to pay a small fee.

What happens if your electric car is misused.

If your car is misused, Motability will investigate the situation. If there is significant damage to the vehicle, or evidence of misuse, Motability can take the following action:

  • Terminate the lease. 
  • Exclude you if you decide to try and get another electric vehicle with the Motability scheme. 
  • Charge you for any repairs caused or for the estimated loss in value

Is the Motability scheme right for you?

If you’re eligible for the Motability scheme, you’ll have your insurance, breakdown assistance, servicing, and maintenance covered in the price of leasing a vehicle. Here at BOXT, our helpful engineers can give you advice and guidance in choosing the right electric vehicle and home charging point to suit your needs.

To get in touch with a member of our team, or you have a question about charging a new electric vehicle, get in touch with a member of our team today through our online web chat. If you have more questions about the Motability scheme - visit the Motability website for further information.

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