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Paul Holdsworth, Engineer

31 Jan : Updated 2 May ● 2 min read

How to add EV charging points to Google Maps

There are a multitude of benefits of using electric vehicles, from the positive impact it has on the environment to saving you money in the long run thanks to their efficiency.

Now, to meet the growing popularity of EV’s, charging points are cropping up all over the UK and it’s now easier than ever to locate them by using Google Maps. Wherever you are, always know where the nearest charging station is, just follow these easy steps.

Here’s what you do...

Step 1

First of all, simply download the Google Maps app from your mobile phone's app store. Once Google Maps has downloaded search ‘EV charging stations’ into the search tab.

Step 2 

Then as soon as you’ve done that, a list of charging stations in your area will pop up. With it, it tells you how far away the station is and the type of electric vehicle it’s applicable for.

You can even filter the search by selecting ‘add plugs’, at that point you’ll be able to choose the plug that’s appropriate for your electric vehicle, (i.e. J1772, or Tesla).

Step 3

If you want your mobile to remember your chosen charging station for future reference, all you need to do is click ‘save’ which will then allow you to find the station at your convenience. You can do this for as many stations as you want, just as a way of archiving your favourites.

Bring EV charging to your home.

Alternatively, instead of looking for charging stations you’re now able to have one fitted at your property so you can charge your electric vehicle at home. Affordable, efficient, and reliable - the Rolec charging station is an excellent appliance that will charge your electric vehicle on demand. Charge overnight for long journeys and wake up to a fully replenished car ready to go when you are.

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