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Key ways to save money on energy bills

We all have bills to pay, it's a necessary inconvenience that we all have to put up with. The older you get, the more bills you seem to receive. From your mobile phone, to gas, electric, the list goes on… Every month your pay cheque arrives and you’re left wondering - ‘where did all my money go?’. 

To put your mind at ease, we thought It’d be a good idea to offer you some handy advice. Here are some of the most effective and simplest ways you can shave a few quid off your energy bills each month. Give them a try and see how much you can save. 


Replace your boiler. 

Purchasing a new boiler doesn’t come cheap, by no means. It’s an investment that, over time, you’ll see the positive outcomes. Technology advances fast in the boiler world. Boiler manufacturers are peeling away from the old image of a 'large, industrial box stuck on a wall in a basement'. Instead, modern boilers are efficient, quiet, and quite fancy looking machines (check out the latest Worcester Bosch and Vaillant models). 

As mentioned, old boilers are inefficient and inevitably lead to sky high energy bills. If your boiler is around 15 years old, then it’s definitely something you should consider. Making the choice can be a difficult decision - do you take the risk with your current old boiler and repair when it goes bang? Or do you dig into your pocket and make the change? 

BOXT is here to help. For boiler advice, speak directly to one of our in house experts. Every weekday between 8am-8pm our senior engineers are just a telephone call away, 0800 193 7777. Or, drop us a message on our live chat - where you’ll receive an instant response to any question on your mind. 


Invest in a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats are the future of home heating. Their cutting edge technology makes them excellent money savers on your energy bills. Take one of the most popular smart thermostats, The Google Nest Learning Thermostat. By connecting to your Wi-Fi, this clever gismo allows you to alter the temperature of your home - wherever you are. 

The main benefit of a smart thermostat is that you’ll have full control over your heating system. You’re able to regulate your heating 24/7. Maybe you forget to turn off your heating when you’re on the way to work? Easy. Simply get out your mobile and turn it off via the app and save up to £100 a year. With a standard thermostat this isn’t possible, in which case you’d have to pay the price when those monthly bills arrive. Not only that, smart thermostats redefine your home - thanks to their slick design, they look perfect anywhere you place it. 

Interested? When you buy one of our select combi boilers, you have the option of upgrading from a standard thermostat to a smart thermostat. This includes: The Google Nest Learning Thermostat and Hive. Receive a quote in minutes. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your property, type in the first part of your postcode - and that’s it. 


Buy thicker curtains. 

It may sound obvious, but as well as protecting your privacy - curtains are excellent at trapping heat in your home. Keeping the cold out and the warmth in, purchasing thicker curtains means you won’t need the thermostat on so high. Your home will heat up quicker and for longer - you’ll be surprised at the results. An easy solution to saving money on your energy bills every month. During the winter months, it’s a great way to get that cosy feeling in your living room and a new pair of curtains might freshen up the place a bit. 

Pop on a jumper. 

Without sounding like every parent, ever - sticking on some knitwear is worthwhile if you want to lower how much you’re spending on energy bills. Especially over winter and now many of us are working from home, turning the heating down a few degrees and wearing the thickest hoodie you can find for a couple of hours will make all the difference. By lowering your thermostat, you could save between £80- £95 a year. This may not be our most groundbreaking heating tip, but it’s certainly the most straightforward - and it does work, honest! 


Swap your light bulbs. 

Energy saving light bulbs have come a long way since they first appeared on the market. Once emitting an unusual, cold light - are now fitted with a bright UV light that is ideal for any room setting. Energy saving light bulbs do cost a little more than your average light bulb - but completely worth it in the long run. They require less electricity to light up your room than a standard light bulb. That means the switch could save you around £30 a year - so it all adds up. Lower your energy bills and carbon footprint with energy saving light bulbs, it’s worth every penny. 

Smart light bulbs are another excellent way to save. Similar to smart thermostats, you’re able to turn off the lights in your living room directly from an app on your mobile phone - wherever life takes you. Smart light bulbs such as the Philips Hue, enables you to select how bright you want your lights - to create that perfect atmosphere without wasting any energy. Again, this will cost a little bit more than your average light bulb, but how over time you’ll see the positive effects on your energy bills.

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