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Is my boiler still under warranty?

Is your boiler making a noise and you're wanting to check if it's still under warranty? Boiler warranties provide you peace of mind and ensure that you won't be stranded if anything goes wrong. Generally, boilers come with one to ten year warranties- depending on the make and model. If your boiler breaks down during this time, almost all UK manufacturers provide parts and labour warranties and will provide their own engineer to fix the problem.  

But, like all equipment, boilers don't last forever, and they may break down or stop working. Most importantly, your boiler warranty will only be valid if certain conditions are met.

This guide will highlight a variety of boiler warranties offered by various manufacturers including; how to register your boilers, and what you need to do to keep your new boiler warranty valid.

Registering your boiler

Your first step is to ensure you register your newly installed boiler with the manufacturer. Here at BOXT you don't need to worry about anything; we register all our new boiler installations with the manufacturer you have chosen and make sure all the documentation is completed. Once completed, we will confirm all has been registered. 

All boilers should include warranty registration information accompanying their installation documents, so if you have had it installed by someone other than a large company, it is important to ask them to save all documentation included in the box. 

Registering your boiler with the correct installation address is important. If a service professional is called out to repair the boiler, the manufacturer needs to know where and when your boiler was installed.

Check with the manufacturer to verify whether you are registered on their database after roughly a month rather than relying on your installer.

If an accredited installer or supplier is responsible for the supply and installation of your boiler and wants to get the longest possible warranty on your boiler; ensure they have met all of the required manufacturers' standards once your boiler has been installed.

All new boiler installation should be done by a Gas Safe engineer who is certified to carry out the work. An engineer will usually ensure that the system has been cleaned and chemically protected, and a filter (preferably a magnetic filter) has been installed to ensure that it is always maintained. This prolongs your boiler's life and gives your boiler additional protection.

Your warranty will be validated, and you will be protected if anything goes wrong with the boiler within the first year.

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Manufacturer warranties

Warranties on a new boiler may vary across manufacturers. Not just in terms of the number of years you are covered, but also in terms of what situations and conditions you are protected against.

In most instances, you may be required to complete a warranty form to determine the duration of your boiler warranty cover.

Worcester Bosch

Products made by Worcester Bosch are guaranteed against manufacturing or material defects for the length of their warranty term.
The warranty includes:

  • Replacement parts
  • Call out
  • Labour

Here’s a quick link to view their terms and conditions.

To initiate your warranty, you need to register your boiler on their website within 30 days after the installation. The boiler installation must be performed according to Worcester Bosch standards and the installation instructions. 

With all Worcester Bosch installations through BOXT, we register this warranty for you. 

Ideal boilers

Boilers manufactured by Ideal must be registered within 30 days after installation. When signing for the warranty, you must have your boilers’ serial number. Use their website to register your boiler. There will be a 12-month warranty period from the installation date if your boiler is registered after the 30-days.

Here’s a link to Ideal’s warranty terms and conditions.

With all installations through BOXT, we register this warranty for you.

Viessmann boilers

Homeowners can visit Viessmann's website to initiate their warranty. Viessmann-certified installers may easily get Viessmann and Gas Safe warranties via the Viessmann Installer Portal, on your behalf. The manufacturer provides a five-year guarantee on its Vitodens 100-W boiler and a ten-year warranty on its Inox-Radial heat exchanger.

NOTE: If your boiler is registered after 30 days from installation, your warranty will be reduced to a standard 2 years.

With all installations through BOXT, we register the warranty for you.

Vaillant boilers

The boiler guarantee from Vaillant protects all critical components against manufacturing faults from two to five years, depending on the boiler you have installed.

You must register your Vaillant boiler online to be eligible for the manufacturer warranty. The duration of the warranty might vary based on the kind of boiler and if it is a commercial or domestic installation.

Vaillant offers domestic and commercial warranties, so it's important to ensure you’re covered for the right circumstances.

With all installations through BOXT, we register the warranty for you.

Baxi boilers

Baxi boilers may be ordered via their website. To validate your warranty, the manufacturer has defined a set of requirements. You must register your boiler with Baxi within 30 days of installation.

A Gas Safe engineer must complete the boiler installation and follow the manufacturer's Benchmark commissioning checklist. Baxi may request this documentation if they are contacted to fix the boiler while the manufacturer's warranty still covers it.

Every year, the boiler must be serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer by following the manufacturer's instructions. Warranty agreements are only valid for 12 months from the installation date if these requirements are not satisfied.

With all Baxi installations through BOXT, we register this warranty for you.

What to look for when purchasing a boiler warranty

Ensuring you have the correct boiler warranty is important. Whilst researching boiler warranties, keep the following in mind:

  • The warranty period
  • Boiler breakdown, issues, and faults covered by the guarantee
  • Are both the boiler components and labour costs included?
  • The manufacturers' expectations for the maintenance of your boiler
  • Extended warranties options

Important to note: Remember to register your new boiler with its manufacturer after being installed. Otherwise, the guarantee on the boiler may not be valid.

Tips for keeping your boiler warranty valid

  • To maintain your warranty, make sure to purchase an annual boiler service completed by a gas safe registered engineer and store the paperwork to ensure your boiler warranty is valid. Ensure a Benchmark form is completed by your engineer. You can find this in the back of the user manual. If you'd prefer not to pay for your boiler's yearly service in one lump sum, an annual boiler service plan is an excellent option. You'll have the assurance of knowing your boiler will be serviced, without your involvement.
  • Ensure secure access to the boiler, such as a permanent loft ladder and a light in the loft.
  • Register the boiler within thirty days after installation, or verify that the installer did so.
  • Extended warranties may need the services of an Accredited Installer.
  • Call the manufacturer's helpdesk to confirm that the problem is a manufacturing defect; if it is not, you may be charged for a service call.
  • To prevent extra fees, ensure that you are present when the engineer arrives and the Benchmark and maintenance paperwork is completed.
Get total peace of mind regarding your boiler

Get total peace of mind regarding your boiler

Make sure your boiler is serviced annually to keep the warranty valid

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Frequently asked questions

A trained and certified engineer must do all installations. As part of a standard installation, the warranty should be registered with the manufacturer and the boiler registered should be with Gas Safe for the building control certificate. 

Accredited installers like BOXT will register your boilers with the manufacturers on your behalf, saving you time and hassle. You may rest easy knowing that every boiler installed by them is registered, ensuring your safety.

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