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Paul Holdsworth, Engineer

31 Jan : Updated 19 Apr ● 1 min read

How to repair your ESi Programmable Room Thermostat

The ESi Programmable Room Thermostat’s simplicity is what makes it such a practical and innovative piece of technology. That means if you’re experiencing any issues with your thermostat, there may be a simple solution which you can easily fix yourself. A common problem is a lack of signal. 


A circle with an antenna in the middle with a line across - symbolises a lack of signal between your thermostat and receiver. Don’t worry, this can easily be solved. All you have to do is locate your receiver then press and hold the ‘MA’ button, until the ‘manual’ button flashes green.

Afterwards on your room thermostat, move the slider to the ‘off’ position. Then press and hold the ‘A’ button, ‘H’ button, and ‘+’ button all at the same time. Continue to hold the buttons down until the green light on the manual button stops flashing. Once this has stopped, your room thermostat and receiver will be fully paired again. 

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