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How to choose your perfect boiler

Peace of mind is a sound boiler. But choosing the perfect boiler for you and your home can be a bit of a nuisance. With so many different types, sizes, and models - it’s confusing to say the least.

Here at BOXT, we’re always looking for new ways to make your life stress-free. That’s why we’ve made this helpful guide to assist you through your boiler conundrum. Reliable, efficient, and reasonably priced - that perfect boiler is out there. So where do you start? Well, you’re in the right place...

Efficiency is a money saver. 

Firstly, It’s important to consider efficiency when searching for the right boiler - but why? The more efficient your boiler is the more energy and money you will save as a direct result. This also means a more eco-friendly boiler, which is easier on your wallet and healthier for the environment. Everyone’s a winner. 

Basically, efficiency is the amount of power and energy your boiler needs to heat up your home. If you have an older boiler, this is more likely going to be low in efficiency. To save you money in the long run, it’s probably worth considering a new boiler - as these tend to have a much higher efficiency rate. 

Boiler efficiency is calculated by analysing the fuel it converts into usable energy and by how much fuel is wasted throughout the process. Depending on the percentage, the product will receive a letter rating. This allows us to quickly identify more energy efficient products.

The three types of boilers: 

Everything you need to know about: combi, system, and standard boilers.

1). Combi boiler 

Saves you space.

Due to its compact design and simplicity, the combi boiler is a popular choice for families in the UK. This is because it delivers home heating and hot water from within the same unit - meaning additional cylinders aren’t necessary. So if your home is small to medium sized - a combi would save plenty of room. 

Also, its compressed size means this can pretty much be placed anywhere in your home. Therefore, if you want a boiler in a room that you spend a lot of time in rather than it being out of sight, out of mind - then the combi boiler is for you. 

Immediately heats your home.

There’s a reason it’s the most popular choice for UK homes. Whenever needed, a combi produces water directly from the mains. As a result, hot water is immediately sent to your taps, showers, and radiators. 

Excellent efficiency. 

Rated ‘A’ for efficiency a combi only heats up water when you need it. Unlike a conventional boiler which heats up and stores it - you’ll not only save energy and money, but also the environment. No more waiting around for the tank to fill up.

Cheap installation.

In comparison to other types of boilers, a combi boiler isn’t quite as complex. With just one single unit generating the heat, additional cylinders aren’t requisite. This means installation and maintenance is far cheaper. Consequently, you save save money in the long run, as you won’t be spending so much for any repairs. 

2). Standard boiler  

Make sure you have space.

A standard boiler is much more suited to larger homes. The reason for this is because they require an expansion tank, a cold water tank, and a hot water storage tank. This means you’ll need enough room to place them all - ideally in the roof e.g. loft. This is due to gravity which then allows the water to be distributed throughout your entire home. 

The use of a separate water cylinder allows a standard boiler to heat your home. This is usually kept in a loft space - therefore you would normally find this in an older property with plenty of room. Again, good for a larger home when multiple showers may be on at the same time. 

Higher installation and maintenance costs.

It’s worth noting that with a conventional boiler, because of the additional tanks - there will be higher installation and maintenance costs. Unlike the combi boiler, which is just a single system unit, a conventional boiler has multiple components.

3). System boiler

Make some room.

In contrast with a combi boiler, a system boiler requires a little bit of space (although not as much as a conventional boiler). A system uses an expansion vessel and a circulating pump, consequently their design eliminates the need for a tank in a loft space. By comparison to a conventional boiler where the tanks are stored in the loft.  

If you have an airing cupboard or cupboard space that you don’t really use, then this would be the ideal place for a system boiler. One of our skilled engineers at BOXT can help you decide where would be best to situate your system boiler. Chat with us via our ‘live chat’. Simply drop us a message and we’ll get back to you right away. 

Fast installation. 

As previously stated, a system boiler does require an extra heat tank - but it’s still pretty quick and simple to set up. Unlike a conventional boiler, a system boiler has many of the essential components are already comprised within itself. Installed without any complications. 

Strong water pressure.

A huge benefit of a system is the strong water pressure. Meaning you can have more than one shower running at the same time or multiple taps. Ideal for larger households with several bathrooms.

Wait for it...

A system boiler doesn’t produce hot water instantly. As a result, you may have to wait between 30-40 minutes for the tank to heat up. Once it has heated up, you’ll then be able to use the hot water and heating as usual. However, there is a limit to how much hot water you can have due to the cylinder’s capacity.

Ready to find your new boiler?

Ready to find your new boiler?

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Size of your boiler

Depending on the size of your home, the output of your boiler is an important aspect to consider when finding that perfect boiler. An easy way to know what size is for you? Simply count how many radiators are in your home…

Radiator count

If you have up to 10 radiators then a 24-27kw boiler might be best for you. Between 10-15? We suggest a 28-34kw boiler. If you have over 15? It’s recommended you use a 34-42 kw. 

How insulated is your home?

It’s also worth remembering about how insulated your home is - if it’s well insulated a larger boiler won’t be necessary. The size of your property is another factor you should consider. If you have a small home then getting a 34kw boiler probably isn’t essential.

Check out our guide for more information on what size boiler you’ll need.

Boiler model

We understand. Investing in a boiler isn’t the most exciting purchase you’re going to make this year - but it is an essential one in creating that relaxed atmosphere in your home.

Deciding on which brand to go with can be a daunting thought. With a wide range available all claiming to be better than each other, it’s tough to figure out which one is right for you. Brands such as: Worcester, Viessman, Vaillant, and Ideal are arguably the most popular and well established boiler models available. 

Boilers can differ in price. Which is why when it comes to choosing a brand, doing a little bit of research does no harm e.g. reading reviews. This helps you to find the brand that best suits your home’s needs and your financial situation.

Learn more about which boiler is best for a 2-3 bedroom house.

BOXT recommends

Here at BOXT we highly recommend Worcester Bosch boilers. Not only are they the most popular boiler brand in the UK, but we also feel that they provide you with the reliability and efficiency - to get the peace of mind you deserve. 

With all these factors to bear in mind, selecting the appropriate boiler for you is totally dependent on you and your home’s needs. The size of your home is going to affect your choice in boiler size and type. The larger your home, the more powerful boiler you will need. When it comes to finding the model, research is key. If you're stuck on which boiler brand to go with, take a look at our boiler brand comparison guides, like Baxi vs. Worcester Bosch boilers or Ideal vs. Baxi boilers

Our expert engineers are here to help you through all of this. For more advice, information, and any boiler questions that need answering - chat with us via our ‘live chat’.

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