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31 Jan : Updated 18 Apr ● 5 min read

Home heating tips to use your boiler efficiently

Invented in 1868, domestic boilers were once a simple cast iron tank. Whilst the components have since been reinvented, the core idea has remained the same. These days boilers are far more efficient, safer, and can surprisingly look rather fancy (check out the new Worcester Bosch models). 

As efficient as they may be today, there’s still plenty of ways you can save money on your monthly heating bills. Here are some nifty central heating tips on how you can get the most out of your boiler, whilst making sure little energy is wasted. 

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Set a schedule on your smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat is more concise than your standard thermostat. You can choose an exact time and temperature you’d like the thermostat to be working at. This can be done manually or from your mobile phone, with the flick of a finger your heating will fit perfectly around your busy life. Moreover, smart thermostats such as the Google Nest Learning Thermostat, allow you to set heating schedules - a great way of saving energy. 

Another impressive feature of the Google Nest Learning Thermostat is that it has a sensor that picks up movement. It learns the patterns of when you walk past it the most and least. For example, when you don’t walk past the thermostat for a couple of hours then it will assume you’re not in and turn itself off. That’s what makes the Google Nest Learning Thermostat such a clever little gadget that is the perfect money saver. Even by turning your thermostat down a couple of degrees you could save almost £100 a year on energy bills. Which is good to know. 

If you’re interested, we do offer some of the most cutting edge smart thermostats including the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. Available as an upgrade with select combi boilers, smarten up your central heating and experience the future of technology, today.

Upgrade your boiler and add smart home tech

Upgrade your boiler and add smart home tech

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Insulate your home.

Insulating your home is vital in making sure that the heat your boiler is producing remains inside your home - as well as keeping the cold outside. When this happens, you won’t need as much energy to keep your home warm as the heat will then be conserved. Interestingly, this could save you hundreds of pounds every year on energy bills. The age of your house determines how much insulating needs to be done. Generally, older houses in the UK require more insulation in comparison to a more modern house which means it could be quite the investment for older properties. 

Another benefit is that when you insulate your home, you’re reducing any unwanted noise pollution, too. So you can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet on a night, especially noticeable supposing your home is near a busy road. 

Turn off your radiators.

Simple yet such an effective way of saving energy. All you have to do is make sure that you’re only using the radiators in your home in the rooms that are being occupied. By twisting your thermostatic radiator valves to the 0 mark in the rooms that aren’t being used you can save plenty on energy bills every month. Or even by turning your radiators down a couple of degrees, this will still save you money and will prevent overheating in your rooms. 

This is only possible with thermostatic radiator valves but if you’d like thermostatic radiator valves then we can help you. When you purchase one of our boilers, you’ll also have an option of adding thermostatic radiator valves to your order.

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Consider double glazed windows.

Double glazing your windows is another excellent way of keeping all of the heat that your boiler is making to stay in your home. Although replacing all of your windows in your house can become quite expensive, the money you save on energy bills over time will make up for the expenses. Not only does double glazing hold the warm air in your home, but it also has the durability to protect you and your home from all of the elements. 

In case you’re wanting to double glaze your property, it’s best to check with your local council first for further consultancy. This is because the replacement of your windows must comply with building regulations to ensure they’re safe and ventilated. 

Close your curtains. 

On top of being decorative and providing your home with privacy, curtains are perfect for keeping the cold air out of your home and the warmth inside. The thicker your curtains the better, as your curtains are surprisingly effective at ensuring your home is at a comfortable temperature. By drawing your curtains in the evening you’re able to prevent any heat from escaping the room. Inexpensive, simple, and highly practical - this is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to insulate your home. 

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