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31 Jan : Updated 3 May ● 4 min read

The difference between the Greenstar 30i and Greenstar 4000


It’s time to say farewell to the Greenstar 30i; an instant classic in the boiler world and one of the UK’s most popular choices. As Worcester Bosch waves goodbye to the 30i, they’ve got their eyes set on the release of a brand new Greenstar range... Introducing the new Greenstar 4000. Set to replace the 30i, it’s even quieter and even more efficient. Worcester Bosch has truly outdone themselves. 

Both come with a 10 year warranty, both reasonably priced. But what are the main differences between these two exceptional boilers? The Greenstar 4000 has no doubt some big boots to fill. Let’s have a look at what makes this boiler so much better than its predecessor. 

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Quieter and increased efficiency. 

Whatever the size, this Greenstar 4000 is quieter than ever. Available in multiple sizes, including 25kW and 30kW, you won’t hear a thing once this boiler is up and running. Interestingly, the efficiency isn’t affected by this and is in fact one of Worcester Bosch’s most efficient boilers, yet. 

Efficiency is vital when it comes to boilers. With an A-rated efficiency the Greenstar 4000 is a money saving machine. If your boiler is between 10-15 years old, you’ll notice the difference on your energy bills immediately. The greater the efficiency the more money you save - the Greenstar 4000 uses less energy to heat up your home. At 94% efficiency, this boiler certainly doesn’t waste energy and is excellent for those cold winter days. 


Frozen condensate protection.

The Greenstar 4000 uses the latest technology to make sure that your home is kept nice and toasty whatever the weather. That’s no exception to it’s wider components. The condensate pipe on the Greenstar 4000 is specially designed to make sure that it doesn’t freeze when the temperatures drop in winter. A common problem which can wreak havoc to your system, the Greenstar 4000 protects you against all the elements. 

Intelligent filling system.

It can be a bit of a nightmare when your boiler’s pressure always drops. The Greenstar 4000 is designed with the latest cutting edge filling system. This is to make sure the boiler helps maintain optimum boiler pressure - consistently and reliably. 


Definitive Greenstar design. 

The classic Greenstar size just got even more compact. Designed to fit perfectly within kitchen cupboards and airing cupboards, the Greenstar 4000’s smaller dimensions means this boiler is perfect for getting into places other boilers can’t. This gives you more options in where you would like to place your boiler. So it should fit nicely in an airing cupboard if you fancied. 

SimpleSwitch feature.

Thinking of upgrading from a Greenstar 30i to the Greenstar 4000? Not a problem. The latest SimpleSwitch feature means that replacement is even easier. That means installing the new Greenstar 4000 is quicker and neater than the previous model. Worcester Bosch has truly thought of everything. 

Stylish finish. 

It may not have much effect on your heating or hot water, but the Greenstar 4000 is an eye catcher. This Worcester Bosch boiler is a million miles away from what you’d consider a stereotypical boiler to look like and is perfect if your boiler is located in your kitchen. Sleek, modern, and with plenty of improvements from the 30i. Even the controls resemble that of a smartphone and just shows how far boilers have come in the last decade. 


The Greenstar 30i range is now discontinued, so if you’d like more information on the brand new Greenstar 4000, one of our expert engineers are more than happy to help. Give us a call on 0800 193 7777 or drop us a message on our Live Chat for an instant response.

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