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What is the BOXT Workmanship Guarantee?

At BOXT, our installations come with a one year guarantee to give you peace of mind that your new product is covered in the unlikely event something goes wrong. This guarantee covers you for 12 months for any faults directly related to how your new product has been installed, such as the pipework or connections on a new boiler. If the issue isn’t as a result of our engineers' work, then it wouldn’t come under the workmanship guarantee, however it might be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The manufacturer-backed warranty covers any components and parts within the appliance, such as the pump or heat exchanger within your boiler. At BOXT, we register the warranty with the manufacturer for you when we complete the installation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

We know it can be confusing to understand what's covered by guarantees and warranties, so we're here to explain when each one comes into play. 

What does the workmanship guarantee cover?

The BOXT workmanship guarantee is to give you peace of mind that if you encounter a problem that's a result of the work done by our BOXT engineer within the 12 months following your installation, we’ll fix it for you at no extra cost. 

For example, this can include:

  • The pipework leading to or from the boiler if it was installed by our engineer, 
  • Hand applied seals, such as those around the boiler flue.

If you get new radiators installed as part of your package, these will come with their own 15-year manufacturer-backed warranty, and they’ll be covered by our one-year workmanship guarantee too! If you kept your existing radiators, then they won’t be covered by our workmanship - as we won’t have done any work on them. 

The workmanship guarantee doesn’t include your first annual boiler service, however for just £8.99 a month you can sign up to a Home Cover Service plan to spread the cost of your boiler service. Then, when it’s due, we’ll send you a reminder to book online, or through the handy BOXT app, and one of our expert engineers will come to visit on a date that suits you. 

Spread the cost of your annual service

Spread the cost of your annual service

Your annual service completely covered for just £8.99 a month

Choose a plan

What does the manufacturer warranty cover?

The manufacturer's warranty covers any problems that arise due to a fault with the product itself, including the components inside.

For example, this can include faults with:

  • The heat exchanger, 
  • The boiler fan, 
  • The temperature sensor.

If you're not sure which of these your fault comes under, use our Live Chat to speak to one of our BOXT experts, who'll be able to advise if your issue is covered by the BOXT Guarantee or Manufacturer Warranty, and what to do next to get the problem sorted as soon as possible. 

What isn't covered?

In some instances, faults can arise that unfortunately won't be covered by either our workmanship guarantee, or the boiler manufacturer's warranty.

For example, the radiators and other pipework in your heating system wouldn’t be included in the manufacturer’s warranty, as they only cover the boiler. These also wouldn’t be covered by the BOXT Workmanship Guarantee as it’s not something we’ve worked on - unless we installed new radiators and corresponding pipework along with your boiler. 

However products such as smart thermostats or radiators usually come with a warranty from their own manufacturer, and so if an issue arises while they’re still within the warranty period then you could arrange a repair directly with them.

If you do have an issue that’s not covered by a guarantee or warranty, or your workmanship guarantee or manufacturer’s warranty have expired,  then don’t worry. At BOXT we offer boiler repair visits, where for an £89 fixed fee our engineer will visit your home to diagnose the problem, and if they can fix it there and then they will! 70% of the time our engineer can fix the problem within the one-hour visit, with no extra parts required and no extra charge beyond the initial £89. 

Fixed-cost boiler repairs

Fixed-cost boiler repairs

70% of boiler problems, fixed for just £89

Book a boiler repair
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