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New Boiler Vs Boiler Repair

Unfortunately, boilers don’t last forever. They become worn, corroded and will eventually lose power and efficiency. You may have even had your boiler repaired or parts replaced on multiple occasions, spending more money than you can really afford on new components.

The big debate is whether you should keep repairing your boiler or whether a completely new boiler will be easier, safer and cheaper in the long run. How does a new boiler cost compare to the cost of replacing parts? What is the boiler installation and repair process? In this guide, we’ll go through the pros and cons to each action and recommend the best processes for a perfectly running heating system.

Your boiler’s age.

How old is your boiler? Knowing this will be a big indicator of the likelihood of a breakdown. Over the years, you should have had your boiler serviced annually, which will prolong the life of it further and reduce the chances of a winter breakdown. If you haven’t kept up with a regular boiler service, you’ll be more at risk.

If your boiler is old (over 12 years), you’ll also have the added frustrations of waiting much longer than necessary for your heating or hot water to kick in or to reach a desired temperature. It may also be the main culprit for high, unnecessary energy usage and bills.

Is a repair really worth it?

Before agreeing to and organising a repair for your boiler and its components, you need to assess its condition. If you have a faulty boiler or it’s consistently not performing as it should, the chances are you’ll have already paid for a good few repairs in its lifetime. If you’ve had to repair your boiler in the past, there’s a higher chance that it’ll need looking at again in future.

When the winter comes around, you need peace of mind that it will deliver and that it won’t let you down when you need it the most. If it does, you’ll need emergency boiler repair and a registered engineer to come out and take a look. As this is the time of year where boiler engineers are in high demand, there is the possibility that you may not be able to get it fixed straight away.

Is a new boiler the right decision?

In our eyes, investing in a new boiler is definitely the best decision if you are regularly struggling with your current one or if you want an upgrade. Even better, when you have a new boiler installed, you’ll be getting upgraded technology, even better efficiency and a much more reliable system, which will save money and prevent all those unnecessary engineer call outs.

Is a new boiler more energy efficient than your current one?

In simple terms, yes. In 2005, new regulations were put into place to ensure that all new boilers installed in a property were condensing. If your boiler was installed before this time, then your boiler may be lacking in efficiency.

Your boiler’s efficiency is rated using percentages and then converted to an A+++ to G rating system. To reach the highest boiler efficiency rating of A+++, the boiler will have to be over 90% efficient. If a boiler falls below 65% efficiency, it will be given a G rating.

Boiler repair and replacement costs.

What is the cost of a new boiler?

The prices of a new boiler can vary. Before you decide on the right one for you, we’d recommend using our ‘Find A Boiler’ tool. By answering a few simple questions about your fuel type and current set up, we can recommend the most appropriate boilers for you.

So, how much is a new boiler? There’s no doubt that a brand-new boiler is an investment. The cost of a new boiler varies massively depending on the type of boiler and the size of the property. Smaller homes can expect to pay around £2000 for a new combi boiler or condensing boiler, whereas larger homes will be looking towards the £7,000 mark.

To find new boiler deals, find out more information or to chat to a registered engineer, give us a call or use our online web chat. We can offer you the exact same A rated boiler, with prices that are fixed, fair and final, including professional installation. Use our Find A Boiler tool mentioned above for a new boiler quote.

Is a new boiler cheaper than boiler repair?

Repairing your existing boiler or paying for numerous new parts and components could cost a few hundred pounds each time. When comparing this to new boiler prices, it’s clear to see why many people prefer the repair route. However, the more your boiler breaks down and the more parts become faulty, you’ll be paying hundreds upon hundred of pounds each time. Even then, you’re not given the confidence that it won’t happen again.

With installing a new boiler, you’re eliminating the possibility of constant breakdowns and inefficiency. You pay a set, one off price for complete peace of mind, professional installation as well as a brand-new system and components with no wear and tear.

A new system from BOXT will last you around 15 years and you could have the added benefit of a 10 year guarantee. This guarantee covers parts and labour costs, and you’ll not need to pay an extra penny for any needed repairs. All you need to do the be eligible is have a boiler service each year.

New boiler installation – what’s the process?

If you choose a new boiler system, you’ll need to firstly choose your boiler (you can use the tool we mentioned earlier). You also need to ensure you have a registered professional carry out the installation for you. Here’s the basic process they’ll go through to install your new system:

  • Before your engineer begins the installation, they’ll check a number of things, including the radiators in your property, your water pressure as well as the position of your current boiler.
  • For more simple jobs like swapping your old boiler with a new one of the same type, you can probably expect the job to be completed the same day. However, depending on the age of your system or if you’re having a complete change of boiler type, the installation process may end up being a bit longer.
  • Once the installation is complete, you’ll need to be present at your home in order to go through the new controls and functions on your new boiler. It may also be beneficial for other family members to get to know how it works too.
  • When your boiler is installed, you’ll be given a Building Control Certificate, which will be sent to you up to 6 weeks after installation. You’ll also be given a Benchmark Certificate as proof of your new appliance on the day. If you don’t get one, you should ask.

How to identify component breakages.

There are many different components in a boiler and it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which it is when your boiler is on the blink. However, if your boiler or heating system begins to show these signs, you should seek the advice of a professional as soon as possible:

  • The pilot light goes out – this light is responsible for the lighting of gas or electricity. If it goes out, this means that your boiler will not function correctly.
  • Loss of pressure – if your boiler loses pressure, it won’t be able to produce heat effectively. You can check this using your boiler’s pressure gauge.
  • No heat – this is obviously a sign that something is wrong in the functioning of your boiler. You should call an engineer straight away if your boiler is producing little or no heat.

A brand-new boiler will always be recommended by BOXT.

A repair can be more expensive than the cost to fit a new boiler. Not only that, but with a boiler in need of constant repair, you’re more likely to run into more boiler problems later on in its life. Choosing a new boiler over a one off boiler repair is the wise move in most cases. It will be much more efficient and reliable.

If you’re looking for a new boiler to prevent a future boiler break down, look no further than BOXT. Not only can we recommend the best boiler for you and your property, but it will also be covered by warranty. If it breaks for any reason, the manufacturer will repair for no extra charge.

How much does a new boiler cost from BOXT? Chat with us using our live chat to find out our latest affordable boiler prices.

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