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Boiler quotes explained: everything you need to know

Boilers and boiler quotes can sometimes be confusing, even for those of us with experience. But, making sure you understand all the different elements within a boiler quote is important given the fact that a new boiler is often one of the most expensive investments you'll make for your home.

If you need a new boiler for your home, a second property or a place of work, read our comprehensive guide to learn everything you'll need to know about boiler quotes. We'll cover system boilers, combi boilers and standard boilers as well as topics such as the importance of comparing boiler quotes, getting a boiler quote online and boiler installation costs.

What information do you need to get a boiler quote?

Before you apply for boiler quotes, whether it's for a new boiler or for a replacement boiler, you'll need access to certain bits of information in order to get accurate quotes back from providers and manufacturers. Beyond knowing your contact details and home address, below is a list of the questions you should have answered before getting started.

  1. How many individuals will be using your central heating system and hot water supply?
  2. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and radiators does your home have?
  3. How old is your current boiler?
  4. What fuel type does your current boiler use - gas, oil, LPG, or electric - and do you want to continue using this type?
  5. Where is the flue located on your property?
  6. Do you want a specific brand of boiler?
  7. What type of boiler do you have currently - combi, system, or standard - and do you want to change to a different type?
  8. Is your current boiler performing as required and, if not, why?
  9. What is your budget for a new or replacement boiler?

What's included in a boiler quote?

Installation fees

When purchasing a new boiler, it is typical for suppliers to provide you with two prices; the price of the boiler and the additional installation fee. However, at BOXT, we supply and install your boiler all under one fee with our price promise - which guarantees simplicity, transparency and most importantly, no hidden fees. 

If you are buying a new boiler, it’s worthwhile to consider some of the factors that could impact installation. 

When wanting to relocate your boiler to another location, you might not already have the necessary pipework in place for it to be installed in your home. This could incur charges related to labour, whether scaffolding is required and if a gas upgrade is needed. 

Standard switches between combination gas boilers will have lower installation fees than if you are wanting to change from a system boiler to a combi boiler. Bear in mind, it is very important to get a new or replacement boiler installed properly by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

Any additional controls required

Most quotes will be customisable, including how you work your central heating and hot water. Here at BOXT we have fully customisable packages, all built into our website (Link).

Most quotes should include Heating controls such as thermostats, thermostatic radiator valves, and programmers, some may come with controls recommended but always do your own research, especially with smart thermostats, for example you may prefer the nest as it operates with Google more easily. What’s more, it can help you make even more savings on your energy bills.   

Post-installation checks

All installations should include a full commissioning of the boiler to the manufacturer's specification, balancing of the system, full gas safety paperwork including Benchmark and Gas safety certification. It should also include a full set up and demonstration of not just the controls installed, but the boiler itself highlighting all end user functions and basics on the boiler. This should include how to top the pressure up and how to reset the boiler. 

The manufacturer's warranty

Boilers should all come with a warranty to give you peace of mind that it's protected if anything goes wrong or it becomes faulty. Your boiler quotes should include clear details of the warranty that's included and indicate how long it's valid for and what it covers. Here at BOXT we manage and register all warranties with the manufacturer so you don't have to. 

What affects the cost of a boiler quote?

The boiler

The price of the boiler itself will play a large part in determining the overall cost of your boiler quotes, as boilers are fairly expensive pieces of kit! Whether it's a combi boiler, a system boiler, or a standard boiler you're after - the price will vary depending on whether it's a budget, mid-range, or premium model.

Fuel type

The type of fuel your boiler uses is another influencing factor, with more common fuel types tending to be cheaper. For example, gas boiler quotes and electric boiler quotes are going to be cheaper than biomass boiler quotes.

Energy efficiency

Similarly, the power rating and energy efficiency of the boiler will affect its price. New boilers, particularly combi boilers, use less fuel than older types of boilers and operate effectively with smart technologies to manage the amount of energy you use.

Fortunately, all new boilers are A-rated, whether its a combi, system or standard boiler, you should aim for one that’s more than 90% efficient. 

The installation

If your new or replacement boiler installation is going to be non-standard or involve any additional labour, materials, and equipment, you'll likely have to pay more. Also, your location within the UK can influence the price of boiler installation quotes, with areas like London having higher labour rates than elsewhere in the country.


If you're relocating your new boiler to somewhere else in your home, there will be a lot of physical labour and additional pipework involved in the installation. Also, if your boiler flue is located on the roof of your home as opposed to on the side, this is likely to end up costing you more as there will be more manual labour involved to make sure all of the boiler's gases are being pumped outside effectively.

Even if paying more for trusted installers is offputting, it's always best to hire an experienced installation team to do the job, as you want to make sure it's done properly. The only people qualified to install new or replacement boilers are Gas Safe registered heating engineers.

Whether it's an upgrade or conversion

If your property already has a boiler and you're applying for quotes to upgrade it to a different type or fuel type then this will mean you're likely to incur additional costs. Take combi boilers, for example. Many homeowners want a combi boiler as this type tends to be the most efficient and offers the added benefit of being able to control your heating and hot water simultaneously, but there is a much greater amount of labour needed to convert a system or back boiler into a combi boiler system than there is for a straightforward swap.

Time for a new boiler?

Time for a new boiler?

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Guaranteed peace of mind with BOXT

Choosing a reputable boiler brand such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal, and Vaillant alongside a qualified installer is a good way of making sure you're getting great value for money. 

The team at BOXT work only with the best manufacturers - ensuring everything is done correctly and efficiently the first time by registering the warranty and providing you with a fixed price quote. A new boiler with BOXT provides peace of mind, and above all, a warm cosy home for you to enjoy.  

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